SMART Love of Learning Magic Board

SMART Love of Learning

Who Is the Best Teacher?

I went to Central Public School and had many teachers that I enjoyed but I think my favorite teacher was Madame Wilkinson; my grade four French teacher. She was beautiful, smelled wonderful and always had open arms for a hug and a welcoming smile. She was a teacher who truly enjoyed children.

But as great as my school teachers were, I think the best teachers in my life were my parents and grandparents. School education is important but it is the daily life experiences and early learning that have an incredible impact on who a person becomes and how the view life. My parents and grandparents modeled for me faith, honesty, love, loyalty, kindness and more. Teachers of these essentials are the best teachers one could have.

A Chance to Win!

“Extraordinary made simple”. Can you imagine an interactive whiteboard? I had never heard of such a thing before this month. Maybe it is because I don’t have school age children? Anyway, reading the SMART facebook testimonials, I am amazed at what this “magic board” can do and how much teachers and children love it. What an incredible way to bring learning to life!

Join the SMART facebook fan page for a chance to win a ‘magic board’ for your school or the school of your choice! Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Visit the SMART Love of Learning website for the YouTube video for more information about how this incredible tool can transform learning and bring it to life!

Have you ever seen or heard of these SMART Love of Learning boards before today?

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