Reno-cation by Royale (Win Your Own $100 Reno-cation Here!) CLOSED


Ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring? Me too. Royale wants to give Canadian moms the chance to win a spectacular Renovation and Vacation Grand Prize, with 15 weekly Secondary prizes. How awesome does that sound!

Royale’s $25,000 Reno-cation

– The Grand prize includes $13,000 to spend on a home renovation in any way the winner chooses AND an 11-day, $7,000 Royal Caribbean cruise for two on the “Jewel of the Seas.”
– An additional $5,000 in prizes will be given away to secondary winners in the form of 15 weekly prize packs from the Royale Luxury Bath Collection that include a personal heated towel rack, new luxurious towels, and premium Royale robes.

So what are you waiting for? Go on over.

  • It’s easy to enter you just need an email address.
  • You can also earn double points by playing Game of the Week!
  • Don’t forget to earn bonus entries for referring friends.

My Ultimate Reno-cation?

I entered and spent a few moments dreaming about my ultimate reno-cation.  We live in a newer home so there aren’t a lot of biggie renovations but I do have a list 🙂

  • My number one thing? Paint. I would love to have the interior painted. We have builders paint in our home which means it shows everything and you can’t watch it. I have one spot where there was a chocolate milk splatter and I made the mistake of trying to wash it and now it looks worse than before. Anyhooo…
  • In my apartment before getting married, I had a larger kitchen that had drawers. Wonderful big drawers for pots, bowls etc. I would love some drawers in the kitchen.
  • I would love an in-counter sink where there is no lip on the counter. I saw one once and it looked so clean looking.
  • Our upstairs is quite cold in the winter. I’d love a fireplace in the master bedroom.
  • I don’t know if back yards count but I would love to have a tree. New subdivisions = no trees 🙁
  • The vacation part? A Caribbean cruise sounds lovely, we’ve never been anywhere warm and beachy. Not that it is a great hardship but it would be fun. It’s only for two though; not sure if I’d want to leave Chloe and John at home just yet. I’d have to give it some thought. Perhaps my dad and I could go and DH could stay home with the littles LOL. Dad likes snorkeling and such. We’d have a blast!

Win a Mini $100 Reno-cation at Beautiful Calling!

One of our Canadian readers is going to have their own mini reno-cation. That’s right, we’re offering up a $50 gift certificate to Home Hardware AND a $50 Cara Restaurant gift card (accepted at Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, Milestones, Kelsey’s and Harvey’s). Pretty awesome huh?

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment sharing what would your ultimate reno-cation be (1 entry).
  2. Go enter the Royal Reno-cation contest and come back here to leave a comment saying you did (1 entry).
  3. Blog about this giveaway linking back here (1 entry).
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  • Ends April 27, 2010
  • Open to Canadian friends only this time. Spread the word!
  • This post was sponsored by Mom Central as part of a Blog Campaign. What does that mean? It means I receive a $50 gift certificate for offering up these giveaways to you.

image[7] The $100 Reno-cation Winner is Suzquiz.


With no reply to email or winners call, after a week and a half, a new winner was chosen. This must be her lucky month because Winner is Rachel from Alberta, Canada not only won our ListPlanIt review but is now the new winner of the $100 Reno-cation giveaway.  You can see the Random Redraw Post here.


  1. Thanks for the great giveaway! My ultimate renocation would be to repaint the bathroom and living room and add a few pictures or stuff to decorate and then I would go to Hawaii!

  2. Hmm, well I have a big list – granite countertops in the kitchen, hardwood flooring upstairs, cabinets in the laundry room, a built-in for our media stuff in the great room, new light fixtures (we still have the ugly builder basic ones).

    As for a vacation, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, and my poor husband’s never been to Europe at all. That would be our dream destination!

  3. I entered the Royale Reno-Cation contest. I played the matching game. I love those 🙂

  4. I added your button! I should have had it before! 🙂

  5. Button entry #2 🙂 Thanks!

  6. I would love to re do our laundry room. Right now it’s just a washer and dryer stacked on top of each other. I can’t even get everything out of the dryer without a stool or a little hop. I want a counter and unstacked appliances and some cupboards for storage, and a rack to hang my ironing board and iron! A girl can dream.

    I’m a subscriber via google reader and a facebook fan too.

  7. I would love to redo our livingroom for our renocation and make it into the beautiful room I know it could be instead of the drab and horrible room that currently sucks the life out of me!
    I would take my son to Disney! Thats where I would vacation.

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  13. I would love to have a larger bathroom. As far a a vacation anywhere would be great, especially where you can enjoy the sun.
    I am a facebook fan and I also subscribe via email.

  14. My son is growing up and I’d love for him to have his own room. We have a spare room which is a disaster right now. I would love to paint it and get some proper furniture.

  15. Entered the Royal-Reno contest

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  20. My ultimate renovation would be the following:
    – tear down the house and rebuild! nah, j/k
    1. Put new siding on the house
    2. Put in new windows and add a few more
    3. Create a bathroom just for me….a little whirlpool jet tub, sauna and heat lights….ahhhhh…put a little wine bar and a man servant in there….

  21. Already entered the Royal contest today :O)

  22. Already an email subscriber!

  23. Now a facebook fan….tracy ouellette….I know, I know…what a unique user name :O)

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    Have a great day :O)

  27. I would redo the main bathroom with a large soaker tub and heated ceramic floor and then travel to Peru or Argentina.

  28. Entered the royale renocation contest.

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  30. Entered the Royale Reno-cation contest!

    Thank you!

  31. I already submitted my Reno-cation dream, but it’s not showing up… here it is again:

    I think I’d redo my bathrooms… I hate them! The people who lived here before me did such a terrible job. I think they closed their eyes, spun around, and threw grout and tiles randomly!

    As to where I’d go, my favourite place on earth is Niagara Falls. My very first “grown-up” vacation, planed by myself, was to Niagara, so it holds a special place in my heart.

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  37. My dream renovation is to redo my entire house (finish) and travel to the east coast – drive the coast line!

  38. I’ve entered the Royale contest

  39. I’m a facebook fan

  40. My ultimate Reno-cation would be to renovate our kitchen and then go to Hawaii.

  41. I entered the Reno-cation contest.

  42. I would redo all the windows and then go to Scotland.

  43. I entered the contest on the Royale site

  44. With $13,000 I’d replace my flooring both on the main floor and upstairs. Always wanted bamboo! Then I’d have the house painted from top to bottom!
    If I could go on a trip, I’d go to California for sure. Hello Beach!

  45. I went to the site and entered the contest!

  46. I would reno my living room and then go to Costa Rica to relax!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  47. I entered the contest

    charmtime at gmail dot com

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  52. I would renovate our laundry room since it’s the only room that is still unfinished and I would take a little vacation to visit machu picchu!

  53. I went and entered the contest!!

  54. Huguette English
    Huguette English

    I would love to finish my basement, making a nice TV and game room with a wood stove in that room. Nice and warm in the Winters and cool in the Summers 🙂

  55. I have had a busy night! I have subscribed to your blog, entered the reno-cation contest, and will tell you what I would like to Renovate and travel too!

    I would renovate my laundry hall! I currently have my laundry room in a hallway and would either like to make it bigger (with a much bigger reno) or at least make it efficient, with a better effeciency Washer/dryer, storage, and a nice place to take care of my family!

    I would lovet to travel to a couple places! My family would love to go to Disneyland again and I would love to go back to southern Ontario to visit again! Beautiful area—–maybe I would buy an old abandoned farmhouse and renovate that!LOL My dream!

  56. marc-andre taillefer
    marc-andre taillefer

    I think I’d redo my painting… I hate what i have! The people who lived here before me did such a terrible job.

    As to where I’d go, my favourite place on earth is Hawaii.

  57. marc-andre taillefer
    marc-andre taillefer

    Entered the Royale Reno-cation contest!

    Thank you!

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    i’m your facebook fan

  62. Bathroom ceiling could use fixing up and kitchen floor needs new tiles.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  63. entered the Royal Reno-cation contest

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  71. I would love to redo our basement & then go & relax in Fiji

  72. I entered the contest

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    Suzquiz Eller

  78. i would replace our ugly carpets with hardwood and then jump on a flight to cayman! pegcitymomma AT gmail DOT com

  79. i entered the contest too!

  80. I would redo our floors and put in new windows. Then i would jump on a crusie!

  81. i entered the contest too

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  83. I would love to redo my bathroom and then take the kids up north camping
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  84. I entered contest today
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  85. I would renovate my kitchen and vacation in Italy

  86. I entered the royale renovation contest.

  87. I would redo the living room and visit the Caribbean for my renocation.

  88. I entered the main contest at Royalle.

  89. I’d love to fix up our sauna (it needs a new chimney) and then go to Finland to see where they originated.

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  91. My ultimate reno-cation would be a basement reno and then a trip to Las Vegas!

  92. I entered the Royale Reno-cation contest!

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  95. I would love to add a much needed second bathroom to our house
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  96. entered contest today

  97. I would love to redo the bathrooms with a sunken tub and walk in showers. Of course, the upstairs could use new hardwood floors. and of course, I will go to Bermuda or Aruba!

    mwflynn 62 at gmail dot — com

  98. I entered the renocation contest

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  110. My list of priorities includes:
    -a second full bath in our basement
    -dry-walling and painting in our rec room
    -new carpet in both our main floor bedrooms
    -new carpet in our basement (rec-room and 3rd bedroom)
    -a new front door (does this count as a renovation?) 😀
    -a new fence
    I just remembered another two items on my reno-cation wishlist:
    -new kitchen appliances (specifically a range and a new refrigerator)
    -a new countertop

    I’d also love to put some money towards our upcoming honeymoon (right now we are considering a cruise)

    Email: ihchickyATgmailDOTcom

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