Smelly Towels? Try Smelly Towel! (Giveaway CLOSED)

IMG_2170 Yes, I am admitting to the world: I have smelly towels. Oh, our big fluffy bath towels don’t smell but lately I’ve noticed our kitchen linens have an odor to them even after being washed in cold, warm or hot. Maybe part of the problem is that I use unscented soap and don’t use fabric softener on towels because I read that it makes them less absorbent. Maybe it’s that they are often wet and sit in the laundry tub a day or two while waiting for their turn to be washed. Regardless of the reason, the kitchen linens are smelly and nothing seems to work.  {I should clarify that anything that stinks is thrown out. When I use the term smelly, I am simply talking about a noticeable odor not a stench}. Anyway, I had just accepted that we have smelly towels.

Then I received a sample of Smelly Towel for review from the makers of Smelly Washer. I immediately put it to good use!

It comes in a 12 oz container with a screw on cap. You simply add a capful to your wash. It is a pink powder (which I thought was pretty…though I suppose that is irrelevant) and has a light citrusy scent.  Initially, I did soak them and run the kitchen linens through the wash a second time to have Smelly Towel work satisfactorily but I will say that we don’t use paper towels so certain kitchen linens are specifically for absorbing bacon grease, blood off meat etc. We’re a pretty extreme example though.


What I like about Smelly Towel:

  • All Natural
  • Effective
  • Removes odors doesn’t mask them
  • Does not affect absorbency performance as fabric softeners have been known to do
  • Subtle citrus scent, not perfume-y
  • Good size jar but only a small amount required to do the job means that it is a pretty good value in my opinion.
  • You can buy Smelly Towel on Amazon

From the company:

Difference Between Smelly Washer & Smelly Towel:
Smelly Washer Cleaner is for an empty washer and Smelly Towel is for a washer with towels and clothing in it. In short, Smelly Towel Cleaner was made specifically for towels and clothing. Its gentle formula is designed to remove odor-causing mold from towels and clothing.  It’s citrus-based formula leaves your towels and clothing smelling like they are new!
Why Towels Build Up Mold, Mildew, and Odor:
Overuse of detergents, using fabric softener and/or using only low water temperatures for washing will cause odor in your washer.  The odor-causing residue and mold spores are transferred to towels and clothing and are impossible to remove until the washer has been cleaned. Towels are more plush than clothing therefore absorb more mold spores.  Also, towels are used near the face and when wet so odor is noticed more.


Smelly Towel wants to give one reader a bottle of their own! This is really awesome since it is NEW!

To Enter:

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  • Ends March 26, 2010
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image[15] The Smelly Towel Winner is Jen Michouris from B.C.


  1. The smelly towel is most intriguing to me as I HATE the mildewy smell that sometimes gets into towels and sheets especially.

  2. I’d love to try the Smelly Towel one. My towels are starting to stink pretty bad and I really don’t wanna spend money on new ones.

  3. I would love to give that product a try, I have the same problem as you do and do not really want to throw all the linen out.
    I subscribe via email

  4. I would love to try this product, it most interested me because we also don’t use paper towels! I have subscribed via google reader AND I will become a facebook fan. I didn’t know you had a facebook page!

  5. I like the Smelly Towel the best. Nothing worse than climbing out of a shower and wrapping a clean yet “smelly” towel around yourself!

  6. The Smelly Towel product interests me as I would get more use out of using it on both towels and clothing.

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