Reader Survey (+ Giveaway)


Wondering how to make your own survey? I made mine with Google Docs and it was easy. The hardest part? Coming up with the questions. Then you just copy and past the HTML into your post. It’s a great way (if you have nice readers *hint*hint*) to learn more about them!


I should also add that this is the first survey I’ve EVER made so I’ll admit, it has a few glitches and maybe the questions aren’t as great as they could be. I have had the pleasure of visiting many of your own sites and getting to know you my readers but there are lots of you (so feedburner tells me! LOL) an I wanted to know you a little more!  The submit button is in the bottom of the survey, you have to scroll down within the window {I’ll try and adjust it} when I update the post.  I was mostly wondering what you like about the site. I mean, I blog for myself just as much as I do for you but wondered if I talked too much about daily life? ALSO, the post isn’t a giveaway but if you submit the survey and put your email address in the feedback spot at the bottom,  I will enter your address into a random draw because I am thankful for your time and also that you read my site!

Wondering what the prize is? It’s because I am being mysterious…well not really. The short and honest truth is that I just {embaressing cough} forgot to add it in. (Thanks Amanda for your email 🙂 ) Anyway, the prize is an or $15 gift card. {and a heads up for subscribers, the UBP is coming up again and I have some giveaways!}


  1. Hey, not fair, I wanted to answer more than once in some of the questions!! That was hard. I subscribe for a lot of reasons. 🙂

    mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

    (glad to see the post~LOL)

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