Stonz Wear: The Ultimate Boot Solution for Little Feet



Do you know what Stonz are?

I didn’t until this past winter after being completely frustrated by a simple task; my inability to find boots for John (16 months) that were warm, easy to put on, would stay on (even to some extent!) and that he could actually walk in. I remember having the same problem with Chloe last year. I wondered if there were any other mother’s out there who experienced this difficulty. What did they do?!?

 It turns out that one mommy experienced dissatisfaction with the toddler boots available and chose to do something about it. And Stonz Wear was born! You can read Lisa’s story here. She and her team are meeting the needs of mothers like you and I. Hurray!

Did I mention they’re Canadian!

Quality, Yet Affordable!

You can read about their features page and FAQ’s, but if you’re like me, you want to hear how they work in real life right?

The day they arrived in the mail, John was excited to try them on. They’re lightweight, have a soft comfortable material inside and easy to put on. John slipped his little bare foot into his bear Stonz and off he toddled. I was thrilled that he was able to walk around in them easily. I chose the large (1-2.5 yr) so they were roomy on him but with the toggle elastic, they fit securely and didn’t hinder his walking at all. I am pretty confident that they will still fit him come fall and we will get yet another year out of them. Stonz Booties are both quality and frugality; because with their unique design, many mothers find that they are able to get a second year out of them!

The day they arrived (He was so happy!) He wore them all day 🙂

No Slipping Here, Baby!

We get a lot of cold, then warm weather resulting in a lot of icy sidewalks and crusty, icy snow in the yard. I am not sure that the pictures capture how icy and slippery it was outside. Prior to receiving the Stonz Booties, I had already made a significant investment in a pair of little boots from a reputable, quality company. The other boots were cute, stylish and he could walk well in them…until we got outdoors and onto slippery surfaces. Poor John ended up on his bottom (or worse, did a face plant) and it was awful. Putting on the Stonz Booties, we headed outdoors, with John hesitantly walking (probably expecting to land on his bottom again!). We were delighted to find out that slipping wasn’t an issue. The soles gripped amazingly well and John was able to toddle along, no slipping or tripping, to keep up with his big sis. Honestly, in the photos here, the back yard was almost like a skating rink and John wandered around confidently!

Baby, It’s Cold Out There!

But not in these boots! The toggle elastic ensures that even in the snowiest, blusteriest days, no snow gets in. I love how the booties come right up overtop the snow pants and toggle shut tightly to make sure that no snow gets in and it helps pant legs not to ride up too! We have ice, snow and freezing cold winds. We were outside for quite some time and when we came in, John’s feet didn’t feel cold at all. He had been wearing a pair of socks, his Robeez and his Stonz Booties with their cozy fleece lining. I love that setup because when we go somewhere, I just slip him out of his booties but he still has his socks and slippers on. He can also wear his little church shoes inside the booties. Either way, I found Stonz to keep him toasty, snow-free and dry.


Linerz; Designed to Explore the Arctic (I think!)

Stonz Booties do not come with linerz. I found that they were plenty warm enough for us with just his socks on and usually his Robeez but for the sake of the review, I purchased {with my own money} a pair of linerz. They are the softest, plushest, nicest linerz ever. Made with Sherpa fleece, I wish I had boots with cozy, cushy linerz like these! I suppose they could even be worn as slipper booties inside the house on chilly days. Anyway, the liners fit nicely in the boot and fold overtop for a cozy, cute  look. I think John could explore the Arctic in these with the linerz in his Stonz, wearing bare feet they are that warm! They do make the boot more bulky and fit more snugly. It didn’t appear to affect his maneuverability, however it did affect the ease of putting it on. With the linerz in, it was harder to put overtop his pant legs. That is about my only complaint. While I did put the linerz in to test them out, for the most part, John is warm enough with just his Robeez and socks. I am thankful to have them though, just in case a super cold snap sneaks up on us!


All Season Puddle Jumping:

We had a warm spell last week. Spring is on the way. All the snow melted and the back yard was mud and grass. It was warm enough to be outside without coats!! The littles went out to play; John in his Stonz. John was able to splash and play in the mud puddles right along with Chloe, his big sister. He came in dripping wet with mud. His boots were coated with mud along with the rest of him. {Why didn’t I take a picture?!?!?} The only dry thing on him was his socks! The bottom part of the booties are waterproof with the top part being water resistant. John and Chloe were out for about 1 1/2 hours and his feet were still dry! Wondering about clean-up? I stripped him down to his diaper, scooped up the clothing (muddy boots and all) and put it right into the washing machine. You can dry the booties on warm (they recommend inside out) and we were ready to head back out later that day. You can visit the FAQ page for more information. My point? Don’t just think winter; they are perfect for spring, summer and fall too.


Final Thoughts:

Amazing, durable, designed to be used multiple seasons (and possibly more than one winter!), these boots are the ultimate solution for little feet. In a vast array of colors and styles there is sure to be a boot for every personality! You can buy them now for as low as $24.99! Check out their SALE! I am thrilled to share Stonz Wear with you and hope you will share with other mothers. Finally, the ultimate solution; pass it on!

  • All opinions expressed here are simply based on my experience {which was a great one!}. I did receive a pair of Stonz booties to review for this post but bought my own linerz to complete the review.