If I Won the Lottery…


Right now, as we are trying to be wise with our money, I am struggling to be content with my vacuum. We have horrible carpet in our house. When we first got married, my husband splurged and spoiled me (dual income and no littles, why not?!?). We got two roombas for the house (upstairs and downstairs). For those of you who don’t know what they are, they’re little robotic vacuums that do the vacuuming for you. They worked awesome but because of the crazy amount of carpet fluff that our carpet gives off, we’ve burnt out a both of them. We have reverted back to Scott’s ancient and {somewhat} effective vacuum. I say somewhat because even after vacuuming, I will have to manually pick up the sock lint and such that wasn’t picked up by the vacuum. It also has a funny burning smell. Very odd. Since I vacuum a couple times a week, it is sometimes frustrating and I don’t always have the best attitude.

A friend at church just bought a Dyson to replace her ancient vacuum. When I win the lottery, I am going to buy one too. I never foresaw the day when I would have vacuum-envy. My DH has vacuum envy too. He was eyeing up the Dyson’s at Costco the other day. LOL

What else would I do if we won the BIG lottery?

  • Finish paying off our house
  • Buy a little hobby farm (have chickens and a vegetable garden)
  • Buy a bathing suit that isn’t a maternity bathing suit (yes, I wore my maternity bathing suit to swim last summer though John was a year! LOL)
  • I’d also buy the books I’ve had my eye on (Steady Days, Laying Down the Rails, Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook)
  • My DH says he’d travel more. I’m not so sure about that one. I like to be at home.
  • Guess that is it. I’m really stumped. Honestly, I think we’re pretty content.

What would you buy if money where no object?

Side note: I don’t buy lottery tickets so I don’t imagine winning is in my foreseeable future.


  1. apparently you a new vac, bathing suit & books;-)
    Maybe your farm but most likely just a
    chicken & rooster………is that called
    counting your chickens before they’re hatched?

  2. I got a Dyson for Valentines day. I love my hubby! We would pay off debt, build an addition to the house and go on an extravagant family vacation! Can you tell we’ve had this conversation at our house too?

  3. We have a dyson, and I am not that crazy about it.
    Part of it is that we bought it refurbished, (cheaper, but it makes a REALLY loud noise) but the design is odd. You should see ifyou could borrow one befor eyou buy.
    The front of the vacuum is too bulky to get up close to our couch.
    So then, I have to get out the attchments and go all around the couch, but the way the attachments go on is a bit awkward. Either that or Ihaven’t quite figured it out right.
    Don’t tell hubby, but I kinda wish we had gotten a different kind.

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