1. What a cutie! Love the Tu Tu and the fact that its warm enough for a popsicle! I can't wait for warm weather again!!

  2. She's darling! It's hard to think about eating anything cold when you're sitting buried under snow!

  3. That is getting a little behind although I am posting some summer flowers now. She is a cute little girl.

  4. With my site upgrade in progress this week, I'm posting drafts that never were posted in 2009. It isn't warm here…it's cold! We shoveled snow this morning! LOL

    Trish, Chloe actually is a roll in the mud kind of gal, just in a tutu. She's quite something! LOL.

    Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment!!

  5. I can feel the chill of the freeze far better than the balmy Tu tu weather 🙂 Adorable Happy WW

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