The New Year is Coming: Set Your 2010 Goals!


 A Google search of ‘Tune Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification

What is Tune-Up Tuesday? Find out more HERE!


Antoine de Saint-Exupery French writer (1900 – 1944) said,

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

It really spoke to me when I read it the other day. Not because there is anything wrong with wishing for something but because it reminded me about the importance of goals and plans. This thought has come across my path a lot this past year and again the other day at the Epicure meeting I was at, Carmen spoke about goals. This tiny little quote issued a big challenge to me. Now I am not a big “New Years Resolution” sort of person but this year I’m working on a list of goals for 2010 and establishing a plan to help me reach them.

Do you or your family as a whole set goals for the upcoming year?

If so, did you reach them in 2009? Have you already set your 2010 goals?

If not, what kind of goals do you have for 2010?

Areas to consider when setting goals:

  • Personal Challenges
  • Marriage-Related
  • Parenting
  • In Your Home
  • Financially
  • In the Community
  • Career-Related

The TUT on December 31st (and January 7th) will have my goals and a Mr. Linky for you to link up yours. If you don’t have a blog, just leave your thoughts in the comment section. What a great way to exchange ideas and encouragement for the start of the new year! I hope you’ll participate because one random participant will receive a great prize to help you on your way for 2010! And no, I will absolutely not give you a hint about what you could win!


  1. I have started thinking about goals and what I have and "Haven't" done this year. 😀 Remind me please. 😀

  2. I was just looking at my goals from last year and seeing that I have made progress and/or finished most of them. This will be fun- I'm in!

    Have a blessed Christmas my friend!

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