Skating in Harmony Square

Posted by Jennifer on December 30, 2009 – 6:32 am


A few years ago our town tore down some dilapidated buildings and built Harmony Square downtown. It has an outdoor rink which is beautiful, well maintained and family friendly! Last year was the first year we tried it out. Chloe was 22 months last winter (2008). She was pretty wobbly but Uncle Keith, Aunty Jazzy and I took her out skating anyway. She couldn’t stand on her own without support but she sure had fun!


Nana bought Chloe new skates this year since her last years ones were too small. We headed out bright and early on Monday morning! GrrGrampa came with us. The weather was perfect; fluffy snow, not too cold and no wind! Chloe can stand without support and, as long as she has her skating aid, she can skate on her own. She’s kind of slow and much prefers a little “boost” from mommy. Chloe likes to go fast! John went out on the ice in just his boots. Boy, was he excited. Chloe’s skates from last year will actually fit him so I think next time we head to the rink, I’ll let him give skates a try. John is up for anything!

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  1. 1. My Wee View Said:

    We got our little one Skates this year – she is only 16 months. We are looking forward to using them as well.

    Looks like everyone is having fun 🙂

    Happy New Year,


  2. 2. pam Said:

    Ice skating is a wonderful family pass time!

    Happy New Year:)

  3. 3. shopannies Said:

    that looks so super cool and even the little one can have fun

  4. 4. Julie From Momspective (W/Linky) Said:

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoy ringing in the new year! Have a great Wordless Wednesday!
    Hope you enjoy my potentially offensive yet absolutely hilarious WW this week!

  5. 5. Katrina Said:

    They look so cute on their skates!
    Your downtown area looks beautiful.

    Happy New Year!

  6. 6. Allison Said:

    What a fun idea. Looks like everyone had fun.

  7. 7. Whimsical Creations Said:

    How fun!

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