Interesting Links for November (a little late!)

The 1924 Wild River’s Home…!!!  by Denis Collette...!!!.

Photo by Denis Collette

The Real Joy Secret @ (in)Courage was an incredible reminder that we are not alone in our feelings of failure, unworthiness and despair that most of us experience from time to time.

One Brief Moment in Time @ By His Grace really spoke to my heart and convicted me about immediate obedience to Him. A must-read for sure!

Front-Porch Mentoring @ Homemaker’s Cottage calls us to make a difference in the small area where we are.

The Balancing Act @ Steady Mom was very well said. It is something that most of us struggle with and each day is a new opportunity to balance again!

Christmas on a Zero Budget @ Mom’s Frugal has some great ideas!! Last year for DH’s birthday I gave him a year’s worth of ironing. He loves it! This year for Christmas gifts to friends and acquaintances, home made goodies are the gift of the year. That and pickles!

The Power of Seeking Our Children’s Forgiveness @ Simple Kids was simple and to the point. Our actions are their greatest teachers!

Children-Natural Minimizers @ Amy’s Finer Things sort of hit home. I mentioned before that I had trouble with buying too much clothing. I have a little girl. She’s beautiful and there are so many adorable outfits…but you know, she needs just a few and she’s beautiful regardless of what she wears.

Help for the Hurting Marriage@ A High and Noble Calling was something I really needed to read. You should read it too!

What Do You Say from the Mommy Come Home Series at The Finer Things in Life talks was a fantastic read. Pointing out that we have no idea the stories behind other mothers choices to stay or not stay at home, we need to be careful that we do not judge. "If you constantly seek for this world to value you, you will always be left feeling disappointed and empty."

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  1. Thank you for sharing these! I just finished with the first site and it's amazing! I can't wait to go through them all. Blessings, Mimi

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