Saying Goodbye to Jaiden


In Fall of 2008, I began watching Jaiden, a little girl from church, a couple days a week. Chloe and Jaiden are only 2 months apart. When Jaiden first started coming, her and Chloe weren’t even two yet. They were hardly able to talk.

Where has the time gone? Our babies have grown up and have gone from toddling babies to big girls in such a short time. Chloe looks forward to her friend coming to play each day. It has been a blessing for her to have a little friend to play with and it has been a blessing for me to have that income as well.

Alas, things change and Thursday is Jaiden’s last day. A bitter-sweet moment for me. It’s been fun and I know we will miss Jaiden; Chloe especially. But it also marks the start of a new season for our family. Chloe will be three in January and I’m all set to start ‘school’ with her. DH and I also have some other plans in the works as well for Yummy Bunwiches; a catering business we’ve been dabbling with. I’m pretty excited about these two new ventures and ask for your prayers in both endeavors.

Since today is Jaiden’s last day, I thought I would post some pictures in honor of that. It’s amazing all the adventures we’ve had. What precious memories!!

(TUT will be back next week.)

Fall 2008 Park Play

Fall 2008 Baking Brownies

img_0802 img_0801

2008 Sleepy Time

img_0807 img_0876



2009 Playing, Baking Cleaning

IMG_1252 IMG_1446IMG_1414 IMG_1432 IMG_1434

2009 Egg Coloring

Spring 2009 Picnicking


Dressing Up, Camping under The Table and Other Silliness

IMG_1755 IMG_1791

My Little Helpers


Friends and Watermelon – Yummy!


Just Chillin’ 2009

Vacation Bible School 2009


Super Heros to the Rescue!

Water Play!

African Lion Safari – ROAR!


Story Time with Friends

The Dancing Spot

img_0215  img_0451

Trail Time

img_1007 (2)

Fun Times with Friends

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