TUT: Un-Inspired

A Google search of ‘Tune Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification

What is Tune-Up Tuesday? Find out more HERE!


I know today is supposed to be TUT but, well, I don’t have a post to post. It is Wednesday night, I’m not at church, John-John has a cold, we’ve had a busy week; DH has been home on vacation- yippee! I’m sitting here trying to think of what I’ve been working on this week and really, nothing springs to mind. What do I want to work on in this coming week? I don’t know. I just want to enjoy DH’s week off with him.

I started going through some recent pictures to see if anything inspired a post and alas, I remain rather uninspired. As I type this, I suddenly am thinking; it’s ok to be uninspired sometimes. Though I think that we need to constantly be striving, higher, better, to be more Christ-like…there are times when it’s OK to just rest; to just just take time to stop and smell the roses (or pick the mums!)

So this week’s tune up for me is simply to enjoy life; DH, my littles, the last of fall…

Do you ever find yourself uninspired? Are you enjoying your fall? Two unrelated questions that I’d love to hear the answers to 🙂

(A special thank you to Uncle Keith, Aunty Jazz and baby Irelynn who live in Australia and send us a wonderful package full of gifts. As you can see in the picture, Chloe’s Australian sweater fits wonderfully. It is still quite big and she should be able to get another year or two out of it! Thank you! We love you!!)______________________________________________________________________________

Often I get overwhelmed when there are too many steps or things to work on all at once. That is why I use TUT. One simple thing that becomes my focus.

Do you have a tune-up you are working on or completed? Link up (directly to your post) or share a comment! If you could mention TUT and link back so others can join in too, that would be appreciated!


  1. Hi there Jenn…thanks for stopping by…and I'm so glad I could encourage you with the floating peaches 🙂

    very sweet spot you have here.


  2. I've gotten to where I have to keep a list around, because I often have ideas when I don't have time, and then when I do have time I don't have ideas!

  3. Don't sweat it…your blog is a lot more interesting than mine! It's actually more often than not that I'm uninspired rather than inspired! I just don't have the same writing talent as some. Or I get inspiration at an inoppertune time. 🙂
    Enjoy your "time-off-being-inspired" with your DH!

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