Demanding a Change: Inappropriate Halloween Decorations

patch o' pumpkins by Darwin Bell.

Photo by Darwin Bell

Do you think that horror movies and such are appropriate for children? I think most of us would (and should!) give a resounding, “No!”

Friday night I went into our local HomeSense with Chloe (2 1/2). After browsing around, we took our items up towards the cash register. We were still a ways away when I noticed the whole display behind the cashiers along the window and exit door. It was a Halloween display but not your cutesy black cat, friendly ghost type. It was a scary display, inappropriate for my daughter to see! We left our purchases right there and I redirected my daughter back to the entrance where I pushed the automatic door in the wrong direction so we could exit the entrance.

During October there are several streets that I do not drive or walk down because the decorations are just depraved. It isn’t uncommon to see a hearse parked on a lawn with ‘bodies’ strewn about, open and closed coffins with appendages hanging out or even lawns the have been set up to resemble crime scenes or horrific accidents.

We are very careful what we expose our little ones to whether it is television, music, books etc. I was very angry at this store and I’m also angry at these foolish people. They’re adults and they should know better!

If it is inappropriate (and illegal) to take littles to a horror movie, why would people think it appropriate for them to see the same types of things in person during the month of October in stores and on front lawns? What is this world coming to? We can not have prayer in the schools because it may offend someone but who is concerned about whether or not I am offended by the bombardment of disgusting decorations in the name of “fun”. Any sort of public decorations need to be family friendly!!

Now this is not a rant against Halloween but rather against the inappropriateness of the Halloween decor I’m seeing and how it doesn’t work for me! Maybe I will share my personal thoughts on Halloween at some point to this month but for now I want to ask you all to take a stand!

I’m going to be writing two of the stores in my area whom I feel need to reconsider their decorating strategy.  I urge you to do the same if and when you encounter something that is inappropriate. There will be no change until those of us who desire it make our wishes known! Demanding a change Works for Me!


  1. No kidding. I hate that we can't even get produce at Walmart without havingto hide our eyes.
    I am so proud of you. You should let us know what kind of a response you get!

  2. It really is quite disgusting. I'll never understand why people like seeing these kind of things, or going to those movies. It really baffles me.

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