Bucket Head: Silly Photo Contest Entry


5 Minutes for Mom has partnered with Hasbro to bring you the Silly Kids Photo Contest.

I am sure that I could find something sillier that would go better with their theme: silly on purpose. But when I heard about the contest, it made me think of this photo here. I have posted it before because every time I see this photo I laugh out loud. I guess it isn’t just the photo (DH doesn’t think it is that funny) but the fact that I looked out the window one day and saw Chloe wandering around the yard banging into things with this on her head. I watched for a few minutes and then got the camera. She was still at it when I came back to snap the picture. As soon as I began thinking of this photo, it made me start to giggle.

I’m sure you have a silly photo you can submit too. If not, there is still time to take one because the deadline isn’t until October 19th!


  1. What a cool picture :)! I'm glad she didn't get hurt (I understand why your husband doesn't think it's funny).

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