Keeping Me Busy!

John turned one this month and has been keeping me busy! He is constantly into everything! I mentioned yesterday that king of the Castle was to be posted on Monday but that was "one of those days"! Well these are photos from ‘that’ day!
It started when Chloe had to go for an emergency potty during breakfast. While we were doing that, John who had been happily otherwise occupied, climbed up on the table to eat her breakfast.

Keeping Me Busy! 001

Keeping Me Busy! 002

As soon as he sees that I see him going up the stairs (again! *sigh*), he just boots it up!

Keeping Me Busy! 003

The day just progressed from there…with him constantly unsnapping his clothes and un-doing the Velcro on his diapers all the while happily exclaiming "uh-oh!"

 Keeping Me Busy! 005Keeping Me Busy! 004

JOhn Reads 004


  1. Yikes now I understand what you mean by one of those days! Your son is one adorable little trouble maker in those pics! YOWZA! Love your blog!

  2. LOL! What a cutie! Evan starting climbing steps when he was SUPER young and it scared me to death at first.

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