How to have a Beautiful Life

I have a beautiful life! It’s made up of so many facets of my God-given Beautiful Calling: to be His child, His ambassador, a wife and a mother.

Some days I struggle to view the daily tasks and responsibilities as a high and noble calling. I look around and feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Usually it is because I have fallen behind in some area (bible reading, prayer, laundry) and chances are it is lack of planning.

Planning Works for Me!

I love my planner. It is beautiful and functional and it helps me to simplify and organize my life. Telling my day where to go and doing things on purpose as opposed to letting things unfold and happen around me, running from task to task uncertain of my goal. Life is so much sweeter when you have your focus right, you have a goal and a plan to make it happen. Certainly life happens (a lot in our home lol) and we need to be flexible but in order to redeem our time, we must plan!

Planning Challenges
(with prizes)
Work for Me!

Yesterday I heard about a 28 day planner challenge at Handfuls of Purpose ! I was so sad to have missed the first part of it because it looks awesome!! Accountability, motivation and getting things done? Count me in! Whoo Hooo! And if that weren’t enough to lure me in…there are PRIZES. You don’t need any special planing tools, though they have a great selection designed for home managers if you are in the market for some. Handfuls of Purpose (the GraceWorks blog) also offers a free ebook on how to start planning (or restart) so if you are looking for some encouragement make sure you request “Plan to Bless” from Tricia.

How to Have a Great Week

Following these 4 steps guarantees a great day, a great week and a beautiful life! Definitely something else that Works for Me! This isn’t to say that I manage to balance each area perfectly each day but that I give it my best shot. Many days I fall short but His mercies are new every morning!
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