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A Google search of ‘Tune Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification

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There are some things in life that we need to let go of. I entitled this post ‘Starting to Let Go” because no doubt as I go along, there will be more things that I need to learn to let go of. Sometimes its ‘things’ drag us down, keep us distracted, are too important in our life. Other times it can be dreams or ideas. A few weeks ago Beth talked about letting go of certain friendships. I’ve been working on two big (for me!) “let go’s’ this past week:

  1. My desire for more children
  2. My tenacious hold on the clothes and baby items I’ve accumulated

My husband and I have been blessed with two wonderful and exciting little ones and a third (miscarriage) that we haven’t officially met yet but will one day in heaven. I still want more. I don’t feel done. But we have decided that we are. I’ve been clinging to the hope that we will have more and it isn’t healthy for me or my marriage. I can not make decisions based on what I hope may happen.

Because of this hope I’ve been clinging to, I’ve also been tenaciously holding on to all my baby things. All the gear along with all the clothing. When we had our first, our income level was much different that it is now. We purchased some real quality stuff. I also bought a lot of clothing for our darling little girl. More than she needed. I now have totes of things that I don’t want to part with. Each outfit I picked out with great care, each has wonderful memories associated with it and of course there is that hope that one day we will have another little girl to wear it all.

The reality:

  • I buy too much and spend too much (whether it is money or time spent to find a deal). Buying ahead is a good idea but it’s easy to over-buy when you do that.

  • I also placed too much importance on what they were wearing. Brand names aren’t important to the Lord. Though there isn’t anything wrong with brand names in themselves, the importance that I have been putting on them is wrong and partially driven by self and pride I suppose. I’m also sending the wrong message to my little ones by doing this; though they are too young to understand right now (thankfully!).

  • I don’t need to buy new all the time – or even ever in a lot of cases.

  • My little ones do not need the volume of clothing that they have. I have been blessed with a friend who passes along some beautiful clothes to Chloe. While I certainly don’t want to take her for granted, it means that if I just wait, chances are I need less that I think I need. In the future, I’m going to try waiting until we actually need something and then I will only be buying what they (and myself) truly need.
  • This week I’ve been busy giving away some and selling the rest. With our new income level, changes were inevitable so this goes hand in hand. It was hard at first (very hard!) but now very freeing and exciting.

A few verses that have been speaking to me this week:

Matthew 6:28 “why take ye thought for raiment?”

1 Corinthians 4:3 speaks to me of how little man’s opinion should be in the grand scheme of things.

James 4:6 reminds me that the Lord is gracious and can help me overcome these struggles if I submit them to him in humbleness

Genesis 22:7-13 tells me that sometimes God asks us to give up things that are very dear to us for a couple reasons: for us to see how much we really love God and also so that God can provide for us. Though I am ‘giving up’ my desire to have more children, if that is His desire, He will accomplish it.

Lord, you created me and gave me the desires that I have. Help me to turn them over to you and let your desires become my desires. Let me depend on you to fulfill my desires and not try to do it myself. Help me not to be mesmerized by the treasures of this world because the pale in comparison to true riches.

Do you have anything that you’re trying to let go of? Do you have a tune-up you are working on or completed? Link up or share a comment!


  1. Your post broke my heart. I take my 'clan' for granted too much.
    I have to let go as well: dreams of my horse ranch, as my children are getting older I realize I need to release control, and ultimatly – them, and I'm trying really hard to shake 60 more pounds!

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