Dear Christian Mothers…

hand drawingPhoto by handkasteel

This poem was in the bulletin at church this morning and it really touched me. I wanted to share it with you as we celebrate Mother’s Day today.

Dear Christian mothers, sing your praise
Through all your busy, happy days
To God our Father, kind and good
For all the joys of motherhood.

For that wee babe with smiling charm
That softly nestles in your arm
For childish laughter gay and sweet,
And sounds of little scampering feet.

For that young precious merry mite
Who walks with hand in yours held tight;
And for the others older grown
Who’ve learned to proudly walk alone.

For the blessings often mixed with tears
As they mature through passing years;
And that deep joy that naught can dim,
When children give their hearts to Him.

Fear not the coming day to face,
For God will give you strength and grace-
And hers shall be a great reward
Who trains her children for the Lord.

– Margaret K. Fraser