Jesus is Risen

In preparation for Easter we dyed eggs, coloured pages of empty tombs, talked about the Easter story and put up pictures of Easter related things on our learning poster.

We also are working on the verse “Jesus is Risen” based on Matthew 28:6, Mark 16:6, and Luke 24:6. Though the verses say “He is risen”, I wanted to make sure the girls learned who were were talking about so we changed ‘He’ to ‘Jesus’.

Chloe is doing really well in learning it. Throughout the day I ask her, “What happened at Easter?”, or sometimes I’ll ask “Why was the tomb empty?”. Most times she says “Jesus is Risen” but sometimes she says something about the Easter Bunny (well actually she calls him the “Easter Babbit”). But since she only turned two in January, if she mostly understands that Easter is about Jesus then I think that we’ve done well.