Tune-Up Tuesday Status Report

Having cleaned up my kitchen, and with my littles still down, I thought I would sit down and catch you up on some Tune-Up Tuesday progress!

For those who are not familiar with Tune Up Tuesday please start here.

Tune Up Tuesday is my day to share with you the tiny little step that I am taking each week to become more Christ-like. Some weeks my tiny little step is more spiritual than others but each challenge that I complete makes me more like the woman He wants me to be. (Tuesdays are also your opportunity to share if you want!)
  • Focusing on eating my meals, I have more energy to get through my day accomplishing the things He has for me. I am healthier. And I am losing weight!! Slowly, but that baby weight is coming off. Hurray!
  • My desk is a sore point. Though it is more organized than it was, it is still in progress. Organization in this area will really streamline so much in our home. It always seems to be on the bottom of the priority list though. I do hope to finish up with it in the next week.
  • My bible reading is mostly consistant in the morning and has improved in the evening. I still desire to read my bible more and to have a greater love for it. The Lord and His Word are part of the focus of my tune-up challenge Loving My God, Loving My Man.
  • Last week was the first tune up in The Double Love Dare. We looked at patience and were challenged to say nothing negative. I am not a negative person, and while I am certainly well aware of the fact that I have not yet “arrived”, I think that generally I am a fairly good wife. Last week I was surprised at how many things I said (or thought) that were in some way critical or negative. I am happy to say that there were many times that I bit my tongue and prayed for help however the instances when I didn’t were too many for my liking! Still an area with a lot of room for improvement!
Tomorrow is the next Tune-Up Tuesday Challenge in Loving My God, Loving My Man. I hope you will join me.
If you want to give a tune-up report, link up to tomorrows post! Or of course, leave a comment!