Calling in Sick

Since my littles have been sick all weekend, I had great plans for pulling my house together today. They are both still sick and wailing in harmony. I know as mothers we need to put the needs of our family first, to be gentle, patient, loving and self-sacrificing. But this mommy is feeling a little crummy herself. I wish I could call in sick. I’m going to go ahead and say it – I am looking forward to nap time!

I am reading through Proverbs for March (31 days, 31 chapters) and have to say I am glad today is not the 31st as I am not in the right spirit for her!

Todays Ambitions: tidy up kitchen, wash a load of diapers, make a menu for the week and care for littles.

Status Note: The Lord heard my morning plea. As we were lying on the floor taking pictures and feeling down, the doorbell rang. There was my sister and three of her boys. Chloe (who was feeling the worst) perked right up. What a blessing to have her visit!!

Here is the project I am tackling right now as my littles nap:

What do you do with a sick baby and a two year old? Entertainment ideas? Encouraging words? A favorite scripture to cling to? Share away!