Tune-Up Tuesday: Double Love Dare Challenge 1

A google search of the word ‘Tune-Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search for the definition of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification
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Love is not just a feeling but a choice; a decision.

On Tune-Up Tuesday for the next couple of months will be going through The Love Dare and, as I mention here in Loving My God, Loving My Man, it’s going to be a DOUBLE LOVE DARE! The book was written to be a 40 day challenge to better love your spouse. I have decided to take a day or two at a time each Tuesday and work on them for the duration of the week. This journey will not be an easy one as we learn to die to self to love our God and our spouse more. It is not for the faint of heart. This adventure will take determination but it will be fufilling and have lasting eternal benefits. This journey is a marathon – not a sprint. At least that, in a nutshell, is what the introduction tells me.

Challenge #1 Love is Patient

Love is patience and kindness. Choosing to be patient is choosing take a deep breath, a moment to think and then to respond positively to negativity or a negative situation. The Love Dare defines it as “an internal calm during an external storm”. This photo below is “inside the storm“. Amazingly calm isn’t it? That can be us with the help of the Lord!

Impatience often causes us to react in ways that we later regret or say things that we wish we could take back! Impatience is far too often the result of our own selfishness.
Patience is a choice. A choice to control your emotions, words and actions rather than letting them control you. And it certainly doesn’t come naturally – at least not to me!

The Challenge: Do not say anything negative. And if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all. I think this extends to tone as well. Often, we (or I at least) can say something that is, not in itself, negative but depending on how I say it, it can be provoking.

Verses: James 1:19, 1 Thess. 5:15, Prov. 14:29, Prov. 15:18, Ephesians 4:2

You can follow along here, however I really recommend picking up a copy of The Love Dare for yourself. It contains so much more than what I am sharing here. You can purchase one by clicking the appropriate flag on my right sidebar to go to my A-Store.

Do you have a tune-up you are working on? Are you joining me in the Double Love Dare? How are you doing? Leave a comment to let us know or add a direct link to your blog post below to encourage and inspire others. Don’t underestimate the power of accountability – it’s a great motivator!