The Cupcakemobile

This morning started early again as I iced 190 cupcakes before the little ones got up. After breakfast, into the van went Chloe, Jaiden, John, my double stroller and the cupcakes!

I love this double stroller – it is a Peg Elegante. It isn’t the most compact stroller since on this particular model you need to remove the seats to fold it down but it was just what we needed. I had looked at another peg stroller that folded right down but decided that this one worked better for two toddlers…more room. Did I mention that it is over $900 (eek!)for this stroller new? I found it on Kijiji and was able to pay for it with cupcake money. It was the Lord who opened the door to get it for such a great price and it was Him who knew how it would more than meet our needs. I was soooo excited to find out that we could use it for cupcakes too!

Anyway, when I take off the back seat and also the canopy for the front seat, I can pile 175+ cupcakes into my cupcakemobile along with John in the front and my two little girlies holding on to the sides. We look like a parade, I guess, and got a lot of funny looks but you know – we got all the cupcakes delivered safely and it sure beats the wagon we used to use!

With the cupcakes delivered, we continued on to the Library where we picked up all sorts of wonderful new books. Hurray! Chloe loves stories. We only picked up a few books that go along with our Learning Poster theme this week so we might make another trip again next week.
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  1. I did a double take when I saw all the cupcakes on your counter! That is amazing! Great job transporting them too!

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