Membership Frugality: We Love the Zoo!

Our Whole Gang!

Is there somewhere you’d like to go and it costs too much? Try buddying up!

My sister and I love the zoo! She has 5 littles and I have 2 so needless to say, it costs a lot it would be a special treat to go once a year. Many times a membership to somewhere is not that much more than the actual admission! We spoke to the membership office and explained that most of the time it would just be my sister, the littles and I, coming and could we qualify for a family membership? On our own, neither my sister or I could afford to buy a membership. Because they were nice enough to allow us to all join under one membership, as long as we each go 1 1/2 times a year, it pays for itself. They also have many membership benefits that we are able to take advantage of! Free things as well as discounts and coupons. On the rare occasion that we are there with our spouses, they have to pay full price but usually we are there during the week.

There are also some indoor playgrounds here in town. We don’t go a lot but we have been a couple times (in the winter). Check before you go because usually they have a group rate. One place we have been offered a $1 discount per child if you had over four children in your group.

If you are planning to visit anywhere that has a fee, always do an Internet search for a coupon or to see if they have any specials that you can get in on!

We used to being to the Art Gallery of Ontario in our pre-children days. Because we lived a certain distance from the gallery, they had a special rate for non-residents. Be sure to investigate this aspect as well.

If you are really frugal, then you probably only visit places that are free and this post won’t interest you in the least. To be honest, I mostly just wanted to post the cute pics I have from our zoo day last week 🙂

Aaron came with us in our van to keep Chloe and John company.
Chloe wondered if John might like some of her cheese (I’m sure he would lol)

Chloe spent a good amount of time trying to catch the geese. Good thing we have a membership for that 🙂 You can’t find Canada Geese just anywhere in Canada!

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  1. Yes! For bigger families, memberships are great – and usually cheaper! I was just thinking of taking my son to the zoo today 🙂

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