Easy Pickled Beets Recipe

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At $1.88 for 6+ quarts of beets, it’s hard to beat beats for price I think. I just love pickled beets and so does my middle man, John. Isaac might too, but he’s never had them because he’s messy and beets stain. DH can take or leave them and Chloe would definitely leave them! What […]

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Peach Preserves

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  We purchased over a bushel of peaches last week for a super duper price. With my little helpers, we used a simple peach freezer jam recipe and made some wonderful fruity goodness. We’ve been eating it on toast, cheese and crackers, topped on cookies and baked into pastries. Chloe and John’s Sunday school teacher […]

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Pickled Beets

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I enjoy pickled beets so this year when I saw a whole bushel for $8.00 how could I resist buying them? I’m in the canning zone and though I’d never made beets before, I was up for the challenge! A fast way to add veggies to the plate, and they’re so pretty in their jars. […]

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I Can Can!

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My preserves so far. Or part of them anyway. They fill the cupboard Last year was the first year I attempted to preserve food for my family. I don’t have any sort of talent in that area but I purchased the Ball Blue Book of Preserving off eBay and have had great success. If I […]

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