Baby Diner Review


A while back I was sent a Baby Diner to review. I’m usually pretty selective about what I agree to review but since this was a new company, started by parents seeking to meet a need, I agreed.

What is Baby Diner?

A simple, yet innovative product designed by parents to meet a need: keeping baby’s plate on the table {or highchair etc.}. It’s a simple concept. Two heavy duty suction cups keep Baby Diner suctioned to the tray or table and then a large suction cup holds the plate to Baby Diner. It works with any smooth bottomed plate. Perfect for home or restaurants!

What’s the Cost?

They sell for $14.99 each and they offer free shipping if purchasing two. They would certainly make an interesting shower gift and, if you are *blessed* to have a child that flips, spills or throws their plate at meal time, Baby Diner may just be your sanity saver. If you want to have a laugh, be sure to watch the video on their website!


My Experience:

When you stick this to the table and the plate to the baby diner, it sticks! It sticks really good!! The suction is quite amazing and unless you have a miniature Hercules, I would be surprised if your little one could remove their plate. I think it definitely serves it’s purpose. That being said, I found it a little hard to review because honestly? We don’t really use our baby diner, we never have. Why? We never had an issue with John throwing his plate or anything. This is why I shouldn’t have agreed to review it. John did throw his plate a few times when he was a baby, we smacked his hand, he caught on quick. That being said, I have it stored in my cupboard. Perhaps I will have need of it when Isaac arrives, though I hope not.

Where to Find Them:

You can buy Baby Diner from their website, visit their Facebook Page, keep up with them on Twitter or watch videos of the product in action on YouTube.

  • Thank you to Baby Diner for providing one for review purposes. As usual, I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions expressed are my own.