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Posted by Jennifer on August 3, 2010 – 2:46 pm


I wouldn’t have thought of children’s apps for the the iPhone. It has never crossed my mind. Then I had the opportunity to try out some My Living Stories and I’m amazed that we didn’t go in search of tot friendly apps sooner.

We carefully monitor what our littles watch and how much they watch. For our tots, TV time is minimal. But you know, on one of ‘those’ days or when the littles are sick, I pop in a movie to save my sanity and theirs. Why not use the iPhone (or iTouch) in the same manner?

Maybe you don’t want to encourage your child to watch TV on the go. I don’t either but imagine my delight at now having a “trick up my sleeve”. For those moments when you need a fast distraction to avoid a melt down, to get that last errand ran, for a moment of peace so you can focus on what the doctor is saying…yes, I think children’s apps certainly have a place in my life!

My Living Stories offers five classic tales that will delight your child.  My Living Story classic stories include Princess & the Pea, King Midas, The Tortoise & the Hare, Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I hope they add more.

image          image

The artwork is unique and adorable. Goldilocks was my favorite with the cute animals peeking out from behind the trees and birds chirping in the background. The story is very interactive and is designed in a follow along design with the narration is in English or French. The words and language are easy for tots to understand and actually a great learning to read tool. At this point Chloe doesn’t read but her friends, just a year older, are starting to sound out and read on their own so I know it won’t be long before we’ll be there too!

Another neat feature is that if your phone or computer has microphone capabilities, you can record your own voice reading the story to your child. Isn’t that neat? Right now we just have the voice that comes with the app but I think that I will read and record it for the littles. I think they will be delightfully surprised to hear mommy reading them a story from the phone!

I love that they are classic stories and beautifully illustrated. There is nothing loud, flashing or annoying about them. They are simple, sweet and a delight to watch!

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    1. 1. Pam R Said:

      I think he’d love The Princess and the Pea the most.

    2. 2. Pam R Said:

      follower 1

    3. 3. Pam R Said:

      follower 2

    4. 4. Pam R Said:

      follower 3

    5. 5. Tarasview Said:

      I think my daughter would love the Princess & the Pea and my sons would like the Tortoise and the Hare. Just a guess though 🙂

    6. 6. Tarasview Said:

      I don’t have an iphone 🙁 so technically I don’t have a favourite app BUT my cousin had her iphone when we visited her this summer and she had this super cool app where the kids could draw but each line turned into swirly colours and shapes and abstract stuff. It entertained the kids for a good hour one day! Impressive 🙂

    7. 7. Tarasview Said:

      I am a google friend connect follower (entry 1)

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      I am a google friend connect follower (entry 2)

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      I am a google friend connect follower (entry 3)

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      I “liked” this post on facebook 🙂

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      I am a facebook fan (a new one apparently… even though I totally thought I already was! go figure!)

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      I am a twitter follower (also new… seriously, how was I not following you before this??)

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      I already have your button up on my links page (at least I had this already eh?!!)

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      grabbed your button entry #2

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      I tweeted this giveaway

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      I retweeted

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      I’m an RSS subscriber

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      I’m an email subscriber too 🙂

    19. 19. maria Said:

      They would love Little Red Riding Hood

    20. 20. oneblonde Said:

      My daughter would love the Princess and the Pea one…

    21. 21. mom Said:

      As I read & follow your posts I am more amazed everyday of your frugalness, creativity & ingenuity in accomplishing so much in your life but moreso at your keeping a Godly perspective & priorities.
      Keeping God first in what you do, what you seek to do & in raising these children & overseeing what they do & see & are exposed to. It is ALL soooo important & even when things look innocent…. you still must be determined to add or subtract it from their lives.
      Being a Godly mommy is not easy & definately not popular! Bravo to you for choosing what you review & use in your life so carefully!
      Well done:-)
      The princess & the pea is wise to be sensitive but needs to be cautious to not become so self comforting.
      The tortoise & the hare….is a wise fable as we are often so in a hurry we miss the journey & sometimes THAT is where God puts the main purpose & lesson!

    22. 22. Amanda Daybyday Said:

      I’m always up for an itunes gift card! My kids might like goldilocks the best.. not too sure.

    23. 23. Chelsey Said:

      King Midas would be one of our favourites, but the Tortoise and the Hare is also a good one… Thanks for the giveaway.

    24. 24. Chelsey Said:

      I follow.

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      I follow 2.

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      I follow 3.

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      I’m a subscriber.

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      I have your button.

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      I liked this on Facebook.

    34. 34. Chelsey Said: entry 1

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    36. 36. Jackie Said:

      I think the Princess & the Pea would be a favorite. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
      jackievillano at gmail dot com

    37. 37. Susan Margaret Said:

      we’d like the princess and the pea the most

      charmtime at gmail dot com

    38. 38. Susan Margaret Said:

      I subscribe via email (charmtime at gmail dot com)

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      I subscribe via RSS feed (charmtime at gmail dot com)

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      ENTRY 3

    45. 45. Chelsey Said:

    46. 46. Shash Said:

      I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone and all those wonderful apps!! I have four kids and it keeps them well entertained while I’m in line or out at restaurants or even in church! 🙂 I think my kids would like the Tortoise and the Hare.

    47. 47. Shash Said:

      My kids love the Angry Birds app right now 🙂

    48. 48. Shash Said:

      I follow you on GFC now

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      I subscribed via email

      shannon dot mischuk at gmail dot com

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      I follow your RSS feed through google reader.

    61. 61. Suzi Said:

      We would like Goldilocks and the Three Bears


    62. 62. Chelsey Said:

    63. 63. Cathy M. Said:

      I love the Princess and the Pea

    64. 64. Cathy M. Said:

      I follow on GFC. (

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