Beautiful Dresses at Mallory’s Legend


I was giddy when I saw the package from Mallory’s Legend in the mail. I carefully opened my beautifully wrapped package to discover the beautiful Mallory Michelle dress.

I instantly knew it would be a hit with Chloe because it was pink ad polka dotted; favorites of both mommy and Chloe. Chloe is 3 1/2 and loves all things pink and girly. She wears a dress or tutu every day by her choice and I encourage it since I think little girls look beautiful in dresses. {Her girly side in no way interferes with daily adventures and she truly is a little bit of a rough-n-tumble princess!}


Kristen is the creator of the beautiful dresses at Mallory’s Legend and a delightful person to work with. A mother herself, she creates high quality, functional, and beautiful designs that really work. From the moment I first contacted her, I felt like a valued customer. The care she put into packaging it was touching and added to the excitement.

Kristen began Mallory’s Legend after discovering a love of sewing and making beautiful dresses for her own family. The vast number of compliments she received on her creations made her take a chance and branch out. “Made in the USA” is something near and dear to her heart and she feels passionately about supporting her local economy.

This is my first Etsy experience and the first time I have purchased anything homemade for Chloe. I was a little hesitant because sometimes we (or maybe just me?) associate homemade with ugly or frumpy. These dresses are anything but!

 IMG_3936  IMG_3927

Dress Mallory’s Legend, Shoes Pediped, Hairbows DewUps, Photo of mid-air skip? Priceless!

I know little about sewing but her dresses are finished with French seams which lends a clean, professional and quality finish to the inside. It is a more complex and time-consuming way to finish but makes these dresses stand out in workmanship for sure. The contrasting details add uniqueness and the adorable ribbon detail makes it extra special. This dress is certainly “boutique quality” and probably surpasses the quality I have found in at a lot of dresses in the store. At Mallory’s Legend, you are not getting a mass produced dress but a beautifully tailored heirloom quality creation!

I love the option of customizing it to fit just right, removing the border, adding a ruffle…the options are endless and really make it your own. Though in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter but I think it is nice that these dresses are unique and not everyone will be wearing them.

The dress is versatile and can also grow with Chloe. There are buttons on each of the straps which can be moved to get just a little longer from the dress. We received a 4/5 which is a little big on Chloe but means that we will get at least a full years wear out of this dress. How awesome is that? It looks beautiful with a little white blouse for a cooler day, add a turtleneck sweater for a cold day or wear it on it’s own on that hot summer day. I just love it’s flexibility and versatility.

Honestly, I was so impressed with the quality and cuteness factor that I’ve already placed another order which includes this adorable mushroom dress and matching purse. I’m sure I’ll excitedly share with you when the order arrives.

image image image

So if you are looking for:

  • adorable
  • quality
  • unique & special
  • real customer service
  • made in the USA

then be sure to check out Mallory’s Legend. What a refreshing change. I’m so thankful to have found such a wonderful shop and ‘meet’ such a delightful and talented person.

  • I received the beautiful pink dress pictured above in order to facilitate this review. As per my disclosure policy, all wonderful opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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