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Do you want more order in your world? I know I do. I also know from experience that lists help me to do that! I became aware of the importance and helpfulness of lists as a child watching my mother make lists for everything from chores and groceries to camping and vacations. As an adult, I put those same principles to use to make my own life simpler.

I think I am a pretty good list maker. When planning a trip (camping, hotels etc.), I start weeks (or months!) ahead of time creating my lists of what we will eat, what we need to pack etc. I try to envision every possible scenario and what we will need to see it though; it works pretty well. I know my mother did this well and to my knowledge, we were never missing anything critical. I do remember going on a teen canoe trip with dad (I think he writes “mental lists”) and watching him try to make pancakes on tinfoil over a fire, having forgot the frying pan.

What is ListPlanIt?

Regardless of how great a list maker you are (or aren’t), ListPlanIt wants to help you make your life easier!

The Tankersleys

Launched in 2007 by Jennifer,  wife, mother and list-lover, she created ListPlanIt to be a “place where those who simply love lists and those in need of a little assistance in mental organization can both find what they need.” The wonderful thing about it is that each list was created by a wife and mother who was (and is!) where we are so you will find the lists relevant to your everyday life!

ListPlanIt is an extensive online data base of lists; they are available to print or download. You can use them as they are, or type information right into them; customizing them to meet your exact needs! How awesome is that? They have hundreds of lists for absolutely anything and everything in your life!

image(A print screen of the category list and each has many lists associated with it!)

What Caught My Eye?

After logging in, I began to browse through the extensive list collection and quickly realized that there was no way use, look at or even mention them all. The few things I mention here are but the teeniest fraction of the vast resources available at ListPlanIt!

Travel was the one I visited first since my need was immanent. This week I am flying to Calgary for an Epicure conference. I’m not taking my little ones. ListPlanIt has a list for leaving littles behind while travelling. Since this is a first for me, I headed to that one. I am only leaving them with my mother though! In May we are heading to Paris for a week and then Africa! While packing for a 5 day conference is well within my list-planning capabilities; planning for a 3+ week trip to another continent (or two!) with two tots in tow and 2 x 9 hour plane trips? Suddenly, I was beginning to doubt my list-planning abilities. ListPlanIt, has lists for setting up your itinerary, regular packing lists, packing lists for travel with children and also lists to draw up your budget. There is so much information here. I can’t wait to get our trip all organized {thank you,  ListPlanIt!}. I look forward to sharing with you more details about organizing our big trip a little later!

Home Management was the next category I began to explore. I want my home to be well organized and our daily routine to flow smoothly. Why? Because I want our home to be a welcome, warm and loving place where my family (and others!) long to be and it takes organization to make that happen. I have a basic household notebook but look forward to expanding it (a little at a time!) to incorporate some really great things like a monthly cleaning schedule (which comes prefilled in or blank to create your own), a spring cleaning schedule, clothing inventory lists (of what you have for your littles and what you will need for upcoming seasons and in what size), and so much more!


So was I. What is so hard about making a list? I (and maybe you?) make lists on a regular basis. What makes this so different?

I think the number one thing is that ListPlanIt, no doubt, contains or (or more!) lists you didn’t know you needed. I think it reinforces that there is a list for everything. By creating lists for everything and having it written down, it really frees up your mental space {something I am in dire need of LOL}.

Uniformity is another pro. By having all your lists look similar and of the same size, it encourages you to put them in a binder all together; organized, in one place, easy to find. It encourages me you people in general (those unorganized ones!) to stop writing on little pieces of paper that you may lose.

I liked that many lists were blank with tips for use and then others were prefilled in with suggested items. Two examples would be the travel list where there are suggestions filled in vs. a blank one. Now I will use the blank one myself to completely customize it for what I need however I thought that the prefilled one was a great place to get ideas and to ensure I didn’t miss anything when I made my list.

image  image

The duration of a membership is a year so that you explore, see what works for your individual family. You can implement one at a time, gradually easing in to it if you’re new to list making or that you can jump right in.

Buy It or Try It!

I encourage you to check out their trial resources. Looking for more organizational help? Follow their blog or subscribe to the L.I.S.T. Newsletter or become a fan on facebook. Wondering how to get started now? You can read their instructions, become a member and get organized today!


(Hey mom, a camping checklist!)

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ListPlanIt Winner is Rachel from Alberta, Canada


  1. I would love to win this.
    I subscribed to ListPlanIt Newsletter.
    And I’ve added the blog to my blog roll.

    I have been wanting to do the review of this product for sometime. What a coincidence.

  2. good morning! and greetings from NJ! i love lists but i leave little papers everywhere with this note, that note..i would be able to log into one place and have alllll my lists!
    so i subscribed to the LIST newsletter
    i became a facebook fan of beautiful calling & listplanit
    i am a follower of the list blog
    let’s see if i get lucky!
    thank you!

  3. I blogged today about my ever growing to do list. Maybe having a place to organize all the things we need to do would free up some time to actually do them!

  4. I would love to have lists like this! THe uniformity, the ease and the handyness (if that is even a word) would be fabulous! I am always interested in how to keep myself on task and that would be great! Oh how I love lists that are not on little scraps of paper! It would be like christmas to me! I joined their blog list and their newsletter and am excited to read them! Thaks Jenn for all the great giveaways and great stories! Love ya!

  5. I am the most unorganized person ever! So this would help me with just about everything! Right now I am trying to organize my home so I will have to start wiyh that

  6. I need lists already. I write them, and lose them. I think this might make things easier. I do love lists. I would love to win this. I am a mommy, wife, and work part time. I am behind on many things. 🙂

  7. Wow, Fate brought me to this give away! I have spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for the perfect planner/organizer. I was all set to buy a bubble planner, even though it wasn’t what I really needed. Now I know what was lacking! I have never ending list’s written on random pieces of paper every where, making it impossible to find that info when I need it. I need an all inclusive “go to” set of list. Having access to templates and information I need to create a personalized binder would be a dream come true… So, to summarize, Please please please pick me!

  8. List it /plan it would definately help me in my daily life… thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  9. Between a full time job, part time grad school, caring for elderly grandparents, and being a youth leader at church, I feel like I’m always forgetting something! This could keep me better organized.

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