Interesting Links: December Edition


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Is there Life After “No”? at (In)Courage pointed out that it can be well with us even when it isn’t.
More Important that Your To-Do List @ Life as MOM offered up an incredible reminder that we should keep in mind all year round whenever we get to thinking we have it all together or get too overwhelmed in the realization that we don’t!

Quietly Treasuring @ (In)Courage was a beautiful post about quietly treasuring His birth in our hearts.

Will All the Real Moms Please Stand Up  and Real Mom Follow Up @ Heavenly Homemakers was an incredible blessing.

20 Ways to Stay Healthy (and happy) This Winter Season @ Simple Mom

3 Reasons You Should Enter Blog Giveaways @ 5 Minutes for Mom was something I appreciated. I love to enter giveaways and at times host some of my own. I always appreciate those who enter and support me!

How to Get Through a Stressful Season @ Steady Mom will encourage you if you are going through a rough patch. But whether or not you are, letting go of mommy guilt is something many of us need to do – and often!

Pro-Mom not Pro-Blogger @ Keeper of the Home was an amazing read. One that will strike a chord in all of us mom bloggers whether we are at home or in the work force!

It’s The Thought That Counts @ (In)Courage reminds us to give gifts that show we care.

A Christmas Story @ (In)Courage was a touching. I often feel a bit sad after Christmas as we head into the new year. I tend to think about memories and all we’ve left behind. But with Christ – we havea  bright future. Let’s make that our focus!

A Challenged Heart @ The Well spoke to my heart as well. Though I am a positive person, at times when DH is otherwise occupied and I am still doing housework, I can easily slip into an unthankful spirit!

Blogger Sellout @ Emily’s Latest really put into words what I feel too. While I do receive items to review and often have a giveaway associated with it, the review is truly my experience. I also often do a google search for a review if there is a product that I am considering buying. I VALUE A REVIEW IF IT IS GENUINE. It really helps me with my purchasing decisions. Reviews that are clearly not written based on an honest experience I tend to ignore. Whether they bought the product or received for free doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t a "paid to say" review.

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