The Solution to “My Baby Smells Like Urine”


I first discovered Ottawa Cloth Diapers when I was setting up Set for a Sizzling Summer. Vicky is such a nice lady with a great online shop, tons of cloth-diapering knowledge and an economical shipping rate! Her shop is one of my favorites (and no, she didn’t pay to be on it or anything).

A few weeks ago I received my order from Ottawa Cloth Diapers. I ordered a couple new BumGenius3.0 to bump up my very small stash (I wash daily). I also bought BumGenius Bottom Cleaner. Now on a daily basis I use wipes cubes, dissolved in water, poured over a stack of baby facecloths from the dollar store and stored in an empty disposable wipes tub. I am very happy with this system (it’s cheap!) and use it on the go as well. You can read more about my cloth diapering essentials and system here.

Anyway, I was saying, I discovered BumGenius Bottom Cleaner and love it. During the day, changing frequently and giving him a little wipe each time, he doesn’t smell. Overnight is a different story. I find there is a very strong urine smell that clings to him that wipes can’t eliminate and he needs a little wash in the tub in the morning even if he has had a bath the night before. Wipes just don’t seem to cut it but a little spay of BumGenius Bottom Cleaner and it cuts through the odor leaving him smelling slightly citrusy but really not smelling like much at all. It is the perfect solution to our problem.

So if you have a little bit of a “baby smells like urine” trouble, BumGenius Bottom Cleaner may be the solution for you. Though I use cloth diapers, I imagine it would be a nice refresher even if you don’t use cloth.

So that is the latest discovery in my little cloth-diapering world.image

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