A Toilet, Kleenex, a Plunger and a Mess…


This is not my usual post. I don’t think I have ever posted on bathroom matters. But today is the exception! Chloe went to the bathroom. Number 2. I needed to get more toilet paper from downstairs. I told her to use a Kleenex. I went to unlock the front door (for when Jaiden comes) and to get toilet paper. Big Mistake! She used…errrr…more than a Kleenex. I looked in the toilet and debated on whether to fish some out or take my chances. I should have fished some out. Under those towels is a big, smelly mess from a dirty, overflowing toilet.

Chloe is watching me as I try to deal with this saying, “Oh, no! It’s all my fault.”

Ok. I don’t feel like this is an entirely balanced story so I will admit: I know nothing about plunging. It didn’t overflow right away. I plunged, then flushed again to see if it would then empty. Ummm…it did not. It overflowed. After vigorous plunging, I heard a gurgle and it emptied on it’s own.

Note to Self: A backed up, too full toilet doesn’t need to be flushed more than once. Don’t be impatient with it – just keep plunging and eventually it will drain.

After this excitement…I am completely having chocolate for breakfast!

Happy Tuesday!



It is now just after 11am. In addition to this, both girls (who are pretty much potty trained), wet their pants at two separate times in two different areas and John had an exploding diaper that was so bad, he required a bath. What a day. Serves me right for writing about toilet troubles in a post!

Though it wasn’t my planned 30 minute challenge post, it certainly took less than 30 minutes to write! Hurray!


  1. It may not have taken 30 minutes to write but I bet it takes more than 30 minutes to clean up!

  2. There must be some leftover Halloween candy calling your name. Oh, you so deserve more than just chocolate for breakfast! Maybe dinner too?? or will that cause another toilet incident 😉

  3. So sorry! Hope today has been better – thanks for taking part in the challenge with me!


  4. Thanks for not asking for my help! I hate dealing with a plugged up toilet! Hope the next day was better!

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