TUT: Changing Up for the Seasons


A Google search of ‘Tune Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification

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October is coming to a close. It has been filled with sunny days, rainy days, warm days and…brrrr…cold days. Winter is fast approaching. Out the window this morning I noticed one last leaf flittering in the wind and snapped a picture moments before it too left…

IMG_0463 Though I already did the littles’ clothing closets, I had yet to bring out all the winter mittens, boots and such so that is what I was working on this week. Here is my closet; simple as it is.

  • I keep all of our winter things in a rubber-maid tub in the garage. When I unpack it, I repack it with the summer/spring articles from the closet and put it back in the garage. In spring when I dig it out, I’ll put the winter ones back in.
  • Even the spring things that will probably not fit go in even if I am planning to sell them. What to Sell talks a little bit about selling in season.
  • I have 3M hooks on the interior doors of our closet for little ones to hang up their own cats coats. I was going to delete my typing error (cats) but left it in because it made me giggle!
  • We have a white basket where Chloe puts her boots and shoes. A contained area really helps her.
  • We have a wooden shoe rack for DH’s footwear.
  • At the back we also have a smaller tub that contains DH’s shoe shine/care supplies. I put my snow boots and church boots on top of that.
  • The shelf in the top of the closet always holds my diaper bag; packed and RTG as DH would say. That means ‘ready to go’. I purposely leave it cleared because that is where I put the items that we need to take somewhere. (Donation items, errands, returns etc.)
  • There is also my two pairs of special sandals  in boxes up top. These are special because I bought them in a real shoe store. One pair is basic black and the other is beautiful pink and purple. I love both pair!
  • We have two shoe bags in the closet. One contains my shoes and the other contains adult mittens, hats and scarves.
  • We also have a bench by the door that has a spot under it for two baskets. These contain the littles’ mittens and such.
  • Oh, and we have our library book bag on the top hook inside the closet. Though I have to admit, we took a break from the library (not reading)  during summer and gorgeous fall weather. Now that winter is back, we’ll need to resume our visits!

Simple Kids is having a Winterizing series this week if you want to pop over a take a peek.


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