TUT: 10% Less of Me!

TUT A Google search of ‘Tune Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following:
A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification

What is Tune-Up Tuesday? Find out more HERE!

Losing 10% of our body weight to be healthier. This was the very first goal that they gave me at Weight Watchers when  I attended after my daughter was born. Healthy should be our primary concern. If we’re healthier, we’ll will have more energy to do our daily tasks, to spend time with our families; to just LIVE! It’s easier on our hearts, legs, joints etc. We don’t need to be thin to be healthy but it is healthy to be in a target weight range.

Being a healthy weight makes us feel better about ourselves. Our opinions of ourselves shouldn’t hinge solely on our looks though, if we are honest, our self-image and self-esteem is affected by how we look. I’m never going to look like a super-model and I am just fine with that (most days lol) but I want to look the best that I can look! I want to make the most of what God has seen fit to give me.

Be a Healthy Example. Actions speak louder than words. So true. Generally, wives are the ones planning the meals for the family. It’s great if you are planning healthy meals for your family but what are you eating as snacks and such? (Me? Chocolate!!) Good for you if your children are active but are you? (Me? ummm…we’ll come back to that!) Littles and not so littles are watching everything we do. Are we making healthy choices?

I am made in HIS image and my body is a temple. (Genesis 1:26, 1 Corinthians 6:19) Two exceptionally good reasons to have a healthy body!

Ok, but how?

Hydration! I read (somewhere?!?) that often dehydration is mistaken for hunger and that by the time you feel thirsty, your body has already experienced mild dehydration. Water is also about 75% of our body weight.  I’m not any sort of expert but I do know that we were designed to function best when well hydrated. A side perk: hair and nails will grow better too!

Sleep! I am finally getting to sleep through the night. Ahh, what bliss. The Lord gives us sleep (Psalm 127:2). We function best, have the most physical energy and, of course, are at our best mentally when we get enough sleep. While we can go without enough short term – our health will decline if we do not get enough rest!

Eat! Sometimes I get busy and don’t eat. Then I snack. This is an area of struggle for me. Maybe you struggle with eating too much? Often it isn’t so much the quantity but the quality of what we eat. The Lord designed food to meet our bodies needs. Eating food in the most natural state possible is healthiest for us. Whole, Natural, Unprocessed, Fresh. All good words for healthy eating!

Exercise! We need it on a regular basis. Some need less than others. Especially if you are chasing little ones around all day lol! You don’t have to join a gym, spend a lot of money on videos or work out for hours at a time. Simply getting in a brisk walk during the day (20-30 minutes) is awesome! Twice a week I walk in the morning with a neighbor before Scott leaves for work and before the littles are up. It’s great to have the accountability of a partner. Summer is always easy for me…but when winter comes (with snow and cold), that is where I struggle. Anyone have any ideas of how to work it in then?


So my tune up in the past couple weeks has been incorporating more exercise into my day. I am also trying to incorporate a 5-10 minute stretching time as well. I used to be very flexible. Now?….errr…not so much.

Do you have a tune-up you are working on or completed? Link up (directly to your post) or share a comment! If you could mention TUT and link back so others can join in too, that would be appreciated! 


  1. came across your blog…

    I am hosting a giveaway carnival over at Living in Style Network, I invite you list your giveaway.. this will run for the whole month of September.


  2. I'm glad I found your post and your blog. I talk too much about losing weight to be healthy, and don't put anything into action. I want to change that.

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