Diaper Doodie with FuzziBunz


On Wednesday I will be sharing with you my cloth diapering essentials. One of these essentials would be FuzziBunz!


For those with little time:

  • Awesome diaper!
  • Great Quality, Durable, Wash Well
  • Superior Fit, Completely Adjustable!
  • Well worth the investment (will save you money! )

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For those with a little more time:

FuzziBunz sent me a perfect size diaper for John in red. It fit John perfectly when it arrived this spring and still fits him perfectly this fall. Prior to receiving this one, I used another popular one-size diaper with Velcro. After using FuzziBunz for several months, I think that snaps are the way to go! With a double row of snaps, it truly ensures a custom fit; an essential since every baby has different proportions! This worked well for us since John is starting to thin out around the middle as he gets older but his adorable chubby thighs are staying the same. I love that it isn’t bulky at all. I use one size diapers as well and though I love them too, I generally find John needs to wear one size larger in pants to accommodate his diaper. With this diaper, it isn’t necessary. I love the colors available as well. I realize that this is just aesthetics and has no bearing on the quality or performance but cheerful colors are fun! Rather than re-iterate the specs, you can check out the perfect size diaper on their site.

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FuzziBunz also sent me a one-size diaper in Baby Pink for Chloe. As soon as I opened the package, Chloe was right there, “My Pink, My Pink”. She never added diaper to the end of the sentence, she simply called it her pink. Of course, I tried it on her immediately. I don’t know who was more excited; her or me. For some reason i really like cloth diapers in pretty colors, especially pink! She was about 28 months when it arrived and it fit her wonderfully. She is now 32 months and still wearing it to bed each night. She has been mostly potty trained since spring however night times are still tough for her. She wouldn’t wear a disposable diaper (telling me she isn’t a baby) but she happily wears “my pink”  to bed. Funny little girl! Chloe is about 33lbs and still fits it perfectly though it is at the largest setting. I am sure that she will be fully trained before she outgrows it! With the one size, it comes with a small and large insert. I did use both for a while with Chloe however one is just fine with her now. I was completely impressed with the fit of this diaper because it not only adjusts with snaps around the waist but with elastic in the legs as well. It ensures no leaks and a comfortable fit around the legs. I think this is an important feature for those of us who have babies with ‘healthy’ legs 🙂 The other thing that surprised me was that it wasn’t as bulky as I expected it would be. For all the details on how the one-size diaper diaper works, be sure to visit their site.

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I will share with you more about my cloth diaper system on Wednesday but I would like to tell you that I wash my cloth diapers every day. I only have 10. I tell you this so you will understand that when I say they wash well you will understand that they have been washed 100+ times before this review was posted. The colors haven’t faded and despite being used on a regular basis, there is no staining, marks or odors. The only things that I have noticed is that the inside seems to be softer and the insert more absorbent. I have never had any leaks with them and can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with them. They also dry quite quickly which is important if you have a limited number of diapers and are washing every day! One additional perk that just came to mind: John can’t take them off (yet). There have been times this summer where I let John just wear a shirt and his diaper. If he’s wearing a Velcro one, I’ve often had him take it off and tell me “uh, oh”. I always make sure to put bottoms on him before putting him down for a nap. The talented little monkey is now able to take off his pants!! He may have mastered the art of Velcro but not snaps!

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FuzziBunz also makes a variety of other neat accessories. I haven’t tried them out first-hand but if they are of the same caliber as the diapers I tried, they will be well worth it!

In conclusion: Diapers are one of those items that you really get what you pay for. Buying quality diapers right from the start ensures that you will truly save money. If I buy more cloth diapers, I will buy FuzziBunz! Try them, I’m sure you’ll be just as happy!


  1. Yes I find Lucas needs to wear bigger pants with the BG so youre saying with fuzzibuns you don't have too?

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