Cinderella wash the dishes…

This week I have no posts scheduled at all for a variety of reasons so I thought I would type 🙂

Thursday night I went to bed at 7pm. While I don’t usually suffer from allergies, Thursday I had itchy, watery eyes. I took some of Scott’s allergy medication, not realizing that it was not non-drowsy. Whoosh! I was out like a light. What a great way to welcome my mother-in-law!

Friday we went to a birthday party. Chloe’s friends, twins Gracie and Brady, turned 4. It was a very exciting party. When the twins started opening their presents, Chloe came to me and asked where her presents were. I told her that it wasn’t her birthday and that her birthday was in January. She burst into tears and told me, “I don’t yike my birfday Jan-u-ry”! Oh, my heart broke for her (as I inwardly giggled. It’s hard for little ones to understand sometimes isn’t it?

Saturday Chloe spent the day visiting with Nana and GG. GG is my mother-in-law and, of course, Chloe’s grandmother. Nana is Chloe’s great grandmother. Nana lives with us in an in-law suite and GG lives in Africa! GG comes home a couple times a year so it is a special treat to be able to spend time with the two of them.

Sunday we went to Webster’s Falls. I’ll share some pictures of that later.

Right now, I am sitting here on the couch with Chloe watching Cinderella on VHS. Yes, amazingly we still have a working VCR. LOL. Chloe has never seen Cinderella before and so far, she is completely engrossed. I try to be careful of what she is watching; is it age appropriate, what is it teaching etc. I’m not sure where Cinderella falls. I’m not crazy about the whole “mean stepmother/sister’ thing because it sort of stereo-types those roles but on the other hand, not everyone in the world is nice and we need to learn to respond kindly regardless of how we are treated. I think Cinderella does a great job of modeling a “do unto others” attitude as well as a positive attitude towards chores and daily tasks, even when they seem overwhelming or unending. Another aspect of Cinderella that I am not fond of is the fairy-godmother. But alas, I think sometimes with some things we over-analyze. I’m just going to let my little ballerina/princess/butterfly enjoy her ‘princess’ movie at face value – whatever that is to a two year old.image