Praise for Thermos!

A while back we had a review and giveaway by Thermos. John originally had one of their sippy cups but he’s a big boy now and wants his own straw cup like Chloe. Toys R Us had them on sale a few weeks back and I picked him up a blue one. Somehow, I ended up losing the interior straw for it 🙁

On their website, it suggests calling Thermos for replacement parts. I gave them a call and the wonderful Representative sent me out not just one but two replacement parts for the cups!! FREE of charge!! Unbelievable! I am so impressed.
Prior to our Thermos cups, we used plastic insulated cups and I seriously spend a fortune on replacement valves since they were constantly wearing out from being washed all the time.

With these Thermos ones, they are designed really well and unless your child chews the straw off or you lose a piece (mommy’s fault – oops!), I sincerely doubt that anything will wear out soon. These are quality cups. I think I mentioned before that I’ve got little chewers and we’ve been using these cups exclusively all summer and our straws are still great!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how excited I was to receive my free replacement parts in the mail today. (And no, the Representative I spoke with on the phone had no idea I had done a review or would blog about it….)

It just reinforces that not only do they have awesome, practical products that are built to last, but that they have great customer service to back it up!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I just bought my daughter one of those Thermos cups and a Thermos. They seem easy to open to!

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