MMM: Door Hanger “Caff”

Magic Marker Monday It’s Monday again and time to showcase one of our “caffs” from last week in Magic Marker Monday.

Last week Chloe had her friends over, Gracie and Brady. They are 3 year old twins who belong to my friend, Carm. Well, Carm just moved (Saturday!) into the most amazing house in the country. The house is amazing, the yard is huge (we’re camping in tents there later this month) and…they have an amazing pool! What does this have to do with our craft? Well, Gracie and Brady have their own rooms in the new house so I thought this would be fun! The foam door hanger is from Lens Mills. I took everyone’s picture (and of course my silly girl wouldn’t look at me because she is too nosey!). I printed the pictures out and glued them onto construction paper, laminated them and glued it onto the hanger. Then they added stickers. (you should have heard the excitement over stickers!) Everyone was very impressed with their creations!

Clothescraft 003

Gracie told me that at her new house if she got confused as to which room was hers she could just look at the picture and know which room it was. That made me laugh (but not out loud because she really had a serious expression on her face. Aren’t little people entertaining?!?)

Chloe shows me her “door caff” every time we go in and out of her room. She’s actually driving me a bit crazy about it. LOL.

Craft time 001

Craft time 002   Craft time 003

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  1. These turned out so cute! And your kiddos are beyond adorable 😀

    I just love that she calls it her "Door Caff" — I'm a sucker for kiddie-speak! 😉

    Great to see you at MMM!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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