Sizzling Review: Innate Stainless Steel Bottles

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This boy loves grape popsicles and his cup!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my family was reviewing stainless steel water bottles by Innate Gear. Well after a suitable test period, I’m back with an official review.

Hydration is key when it comes to a being Set for a Sizzling Summer! It’s much easier to stay well hydrated when you have a beverage close at hand! Innate Gear carries a complete line of products to help you do that.

For those who have little time:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quality
  • Durable
  • Variety of lids available to suit tastes
  • Convenient loop clip on caps
  • Grow with you bottles for littles

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For those with a little more time:

About the Company:

Located in Canada, the manufacture stainless steel water bottles for the whole family! With the slogan “Your Planet, Your Choices, Your Gear” the support various community organizations that share their commitment to preserving our environment.

What They Sell:

Stainless Steel Sippy’s for the little ones, mid size for your tots in plenty of fun colors, and of course larger ones for the grown ups in either plain or fun colours! Looking to be convinced to go the stainless steel route? Check out the Innate’s FAQ. Their website is quite informative and in my interaction with them, they have been very knowledgeable and helpful.

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“Happy Birthday Canada” We were on many adventures that day and Chloe always had her bottle in hand

My Experience:

Chloe is two and tested out the pop top mid-size and I’ve been very happy with it. Though a little big in size for her at this age, it is a perfect bottle to grow with her. Initially she had a problem in figuring out how to use this sport top but she worked it out quickly. She may be a bit young for it because we’ve had trouble with her chewing it but that has nothing to do with the bottle. I’m very happy with this product.

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Pizza Time!

Two days ago John turned 11 months! He received a Me-Me Sippy. I loved the look of it. If a cup can be cute – this one really is with it’s shape, spout, handles and sweet powder blue colour. Again the size is perfect, I love the grips around the middle and the handles are just right for little hands. John has no trouble whatsoever in drinking with this and it is the perfect size. I had been concerned about the weights of these, but they are no heavier than the plastic sippy’s we used and I think they are much more durable! We’ve also had a problem with our leak-proof plastic sippy’s spilling.With this one, we didn’t have any leaking issues at all. I was very impressed. We did have an issue with the inner ‘value’ parts though. John is in a throwing stage right now and I found that when he throws this cup out of the stroller onto the sidewalk or out of the highchair onto the tile that sometimes the valves (it’s two little pieces) fall out of their holes and into the cup which then of course leaked. If you have a nice baby who doesn’t throw things, this cup will work perfectly for you though! Another thing that seasoned moms will be interested to know – although retailers do not sell replacement valves for the sippy’s, you can contact the company if you need some. Our show no signs of wear in the month that we have been using it (exclusively!) but it’s good to know!

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Mommy got a bottle too. This was the first product I reviewed for myself and I couldn’t have received a more useful product for me. I drink a lot of water. Though I read about the dangers of bottled water – I continued to drink it because it was convenient. Even at home and around the house, I like to drink from a water bottle and I hardly ever leave the house  without one. This bottle is my first stainless steel bottle and I am pretty happy with it. Initially it came with a sporty pop top lid. I know many people love this type of spout but I am not one of them. Thankfully, Innate makes a flip top lid and they were generous enough to send me one. It made all the difference. It also controls the flow a bit. With this bottle, it is now just as convenient to fill it up with filtered water from the fridge as it was to buy bottled water. This is a much more economical and healthier option too. Thank you Innate!

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Their line of bottles has interchangeable lids so you can feel confident in investing in their products because they certainly can grow with you from sippy with handles, to without handles, to pop top and flip top! All of their lids have a clip loop on the lid which makes it idea for belt loops, bikes or in my case, diaper bags and such!

Carrying a wide range of products for the whole family, be sure to check them out! Though they do not have an online store, they do have a retailer locator to assist you in finding a store near you.

What do you use for drinks when you’re out and about?


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