The Baby Boutique, A Bike Trailer and a Giveaway Announcement

Baby Jogger 001 Trying it on for size

I think on of the highlights of our family’s Sizzling Summer is bike rides with our new bike trailer! With it, I can take John (11 months) and Chloe (2 years) out biking. The littles love it! It is the Baby Jogger Switchback Hybrid. It is a bike trailer that easily converts into a jogging stroller and boy, it is fabulous. After my standard test period, I will be back with a complete review however, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the place where I purchased it.

The Baby Boutique Baby Jogger 003Sorry for the blurry-ness. Snapping fast because I don’t want to take my eyes off my busy Chloe!

The Baby Boutique is a fabulous shop in Kitchener, Ontario. It is owned by Julie and Mark, parents of a now 2 year old. Their company was born out of a desire for baby essentials that they couldn’t find elsewhere for their own little bundle of joy. They carry a variety of unique and practical baby essentials as well as some really cool non-essentials! My first contact with the store was through email. I was impressed by the prompt responses and the friendly, professional responses that I received. Going to the store was fun as well. The shop is well laid out, with a nice wide aisle to walk down. Chock full of delightful products, it is in no way cluttered. Julie greeted me with a smile and was very friendly and gracious, even when my daughter rearranged her entire shoe display when I glanced away for second. (I use the word ‘rearranged’ very loosely here! LOL)  For some reason knowing that it is real-life parents who own and operate the shop gives me an extra bit of confidence in their products, knowing that they are putting thought into everything that they carry.

Baby Jogger 004 The Shoe display before Chloe rearranged it. A great selection of quality footwear. I reviewed a pair of Jack and Lily’s last month (A++). If you are looking for a local retailer…this is the place for you!

So now that you know how impressed I am with the store, let me say that they also have a great website. Informative and well laid out, it was a pleasure to explore as well. I am heading to their shop tomorrow and plan to pick up a couple Peek-a-boo wipes pouches since I have recently started carrying cloth wipes to go along with my cloth diapers. I’d never heard of these but thought they looked cool. Another product that caught my eye is the Splat Mat. Maybe you’ve been blessed with neat eaters however I have not been. The floor around John is a disaster after meals. This may be the solution to my troubles. (Though if a disastrous floor is my biggest trouble then I would say life is pretty great!!)

With all the neat things they carry, I would recommend that you to check it out for yourself. The Baby Boutique also has a newsletter that you can sign up for. Just visit their website and sign up in the left sidebar (hint: it will get you a bonus entry into the giveaway!)

Baby Jogger 002Our daughters are new friends! Aren’t they beautiful?

For a limited time, The Baby Boutique is offering Beautiful Calling readers a special price on the Hybrid, $569.00 + tax.

Be sure to come back (or subscribe) so you don’t miss the the official giveaway (and no, it isn’t a bike trailer). Be sure to read the Baby Jogger Switchback Hybrid Review; I think you will find it helpful!

For all of you anxious to get started on the giveaway, go ahead and leave a comment in this post for another bonus entry! Simply visit The Baby Boutique and leave a comment with something that caught your eye (other than the ones I mentioned).


  1. What a fabulous store! I like the twilight ladybug and the sleep sheep.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  2. Ok this is super funny as I was just at their web site like 2 days ago and was loving the products alot. I love the stroller for sure. But I did eye up the Farrow Sherbert Ubi Changing Tables. Wow and wow for being posh and super handy. I noticed Jamtots and Since I love cloth diapers , they are one I would love to try aswell. This is a great giveaway you are having and thanks. [email protected]

  3. I really love the Jumbo Floor Splat Mat Campground Critters. I saw one today at the splash park and I totally want one for under the high chair!!!

  4. Loved the website! The white background makes it look so crisp and refreshing. And the Howdy the Cow toys…LOL…so cute! That would be very fitting where I live.

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