Over the Handles You Go!


Photo by Elsie

From my earliest childhood memories – we were bike riding. Tricycles. bicycles or little dirt bikes, we were always on the go! We lived in the country so we had quite a bit of freedom. One day we were on the go down the HUGE hill on the road that ran between Drayton and Sturgeon back in our home town. We were flying along and next thing you know, my sister was flying over the handle bars. I guess you really aren’t supposed to brake hard with the front brakes first. I don’t remember all the details (am I traumatized, have I blocked them out of my memory? LOL ) I think she had to go to the hospital but she recovered quickly and we all learned a good lesson that day. Gotta love those old banana bikes! I wish I had a picture for this post, but I don’t. Sorry!

I don’t remember my first bike but I do remember my first mountain bike. It was red and had ‘speeds’ on it. it was so exciting that everyone (all my cousins that is) wanted to ride it too. I was the coolest person ever. Maybe I still am. I do have a snazzy bike trailer that I pull behind my blue mountain bike that I got from Canadian Tire for $89.00.

Anyway, please remind your little ones to use their back brakes first!

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