Rainy Day “Treats” (ideas welcome!)

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Several years ago in November, a local grocery store had costumes on for $2 and $3. Not just cheap costumes but good quality fabric costumes. I didn’t have children at the time but I did have nephews. I bought a whole bunch of costumes for them to play with.

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The other day my sister came to visit and dropped them off as her little ones are no longer quite so little! I tucked them into the closet. Now, our weather has been crazy; we’ve had a lot of rain lately and have been stuck indoors. Chloe and Jaiden ask over and over to go outside! I pulled the costumes out of the closet and voila – a wonderful new game to play! They loved it. it is amazing how even at 2 they love to play dress up. We also have a few home-made costumes and they love those too!

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So what works for me now: “Dress Up” as a special rainy day treat. I think that I need to make sure I have some other “treats” up my sleeve as well.

Does anyone have any great ideas for some rainy day activities? What do you do with toddlers when it’s raining out?

Now this post isn’t on Halloween. My family doesn’t participate in Halloween though I guess you could argue that in a round about way we are supporting it by purchasing markdowns (costumes/candy) afterwards but please do not turn the comment area into a debate about the issue.


  1. ohhhh, I’m so excited because this is a PERFECT idea! My boys would have SO much fun with this. thank you VERY much for sharing. 🙂

  2. Its sad to see that my little men are to big for them now!! We now have batman and spider man and my personal fav that Nathen made up “strechy” man his costume is made up of that one piece bathing suit!! Fun things for rainy/snowy days I like do do is make you own playdough cause its actually 2 activites in one!! And Tobys fav is keeping old Noxima jars and shapoo bottles than you fill them up with food couler soap and water than they make “potions” in the bath as you put the laundry away!!Love San

  3. Hey there, thanks for your comment! We love dress-up around here too! As yours get a little older, check out Goodwill’s markdown bins for more dress-up box fodder 🙂

  4. Great idea. We always build a fort in our living room when it is raining out. We drape blankets over the chairs and have a picnic lunch under there.

  5. How fun! When my boys were little I had a Hat Box too! They loved it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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