Deluxe Templates – He’s a Blogger Genius!

Welcome to the new layout for Beautiful Calling. I think it is happy, sweet and simple – like we as Christian women should be!

I really liked this template, downloaded it and for some reason, Blogger just wouldn’t accept the HTML for me. I was so frustrated as I knew that this was the template for Beautiful Calling! I spent almost 2 days tinkering with it, adjusting it and still – it would not work. Finally, I actually cried and went and had a bath. It is amazing the level of frustration that computers can cause. I prayed that the Lord would give me contentment with the current layout that I had set up (which was nice too).

The Lord answered in a different way – a much better way as we know he is able to do! Rather than giving me contentment, he gave me help from a wonderful person named Klodian at Deluxe Templates.

My new friend was able to give all sorts of suggestions and tips and then magically fix it in minutes. He is very knowledgeable about blogger, is friendly, helpful – and fast! His site is full of great templates and I would recommend that if you are looking for a new layout for your site…check out his first! You can follow the link in this post or you can find the link to his site through my sidebar under “Some Great Sites”.

Thank you Deluxe Templates!!


  1. Klodian is really good, and we are best friends although we both are from 2 different continents.

  2. Let us pray that Klodian is righteously rewarded for helping bloggers around the world in a time of crisis and frustration. Blessed are the peacemakers…

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