A google search of the word ‘Tune-Up’ revealed the following definition:
An Adjustment for Better Functioning
A search for the definition of ‘Adjustment’ revealed the following: A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification More on Tune-Up Tuesday
Another Tuesday has come and gone. In the past week I ate most of my meals. Hurray. If you would like to know why this is an accomplishment, please read last week’s post here. And for the record, the scales slid down a titch. Yay!

This week I am going to work on organization. This is a very broad subject and since we learned in our first post that we are to take “baby steps”, I am going to practice organization with my desk. I find that whenever I am cleaning our home, tidying up, opening the mail etc. everything that I want to get done or do something with is piled on my desk. For some of you, your “catch-all” may be the dining room table or the top of your fridge but mine is my desk. It drives me crazy because it is usually hidden underneath mounds of stuff. My desk is a “secretaire” type desk and could actually fold closed if it were ever not covered with papers, shoes, mending etc. This photo was taken this evening before I typed this and after I’ve already spent a day last week sorting. I need a little extra motivation to deal with the last of the piles which consist of correspondence to write/mail, surveys to fill out, paperwork to file, bookkeeping to be done, things to be listed on ebay and a variety of things. Once I have cleared it all out and organized it into a space I can work with (and I’ve done a lot already), I will then need to work on following through and keeping it that way – but that’s a challenge for another week.

So My Tune-Up Tuesday Mission: Get that desk done and the real tune-up…discipline to keep it tidy!

What ‘Tune-Up’ are you working on this week? (If you need ideas, please refer back to this post.) Do you have a successful “Tune-Up” accomplishment to share? Leave a comment or add a direct link to your blog post below to encourage and inspire others. Don’t underestimate the power of accountability – it’s a great motivator!