Canadian Family Week at Swiss Chalet (Deal)

Note added Thursday February 19th:
Last night my family and I took advantage of this deal. We went to our local Swiss Chalet as a treat out with the money I earned from cupcake sales this week. My husband and I both ordered entrees, however he ordered a smaller meal than he would usually eat since we were getting a free kids meal with each entree and John is only 6 months so he didn’t really eat his. John did nibble on a fry but daddy ate the bulk of his meal. John also got a Shirley Temple with his meal so mommy took care of that for him! Chloe had a quarter chicken dinner with a Zoo Juice. Quite generous! To complete the meal they were also given little treat bags which included some coupons, two magazines (a Lego catalogue and another magazine that I wouldn’t recommend) along with treats (crispy minis, craisins, lypsol, bubble gum, goldfish and a mini Lindt chocolate bar). It really was quite a loot bag. We were also given a coupon book good through March and April.
Our meal came to $20.25 (chicken wrap & fries plus 3 quarter chicken meals and 3 drinks) so I’d like to say “Thank you Swiss Chalet!”