Seven Every Day Slings (Free +Shipping)

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For a limited time Canadians and US friends, head over to Seven Every Day Slings, choose your favorite sling, enter the code ‘onefree’ and pay only $11.95 shipping for your sling!

If you’d rather, buy one of their sling gift packs, enter the code ‘onefree’ and pay only $5.00 + 11.95 shipping.

For an extra $3.50 you can get sizing insurance. If your sling doesn’t fit, you can exchange it free! They do have a pretty handy size chart though.

It’s a pretty sweet deal. While I love my ErgoBaby carrier, I used my hotsling a lot with John to race into the grocery store and for other fast errands. I anticipate using it again with our new little arrival.


  1. Hi,

    I didn’t get a chance to thank you on the OMM MB before you left. Anyhow, a huge thanks…I just ordered one of these gorgeous slings and passed the offer on to a friend!

    Take care,


  2. I just received my sling and I love it. It is easy to use, and very stylish. I have been telling everyone about my sling when they see how well my daughter does being carried around in it.

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