Valentine’s Day: too commercial? Maybe…

Just because Valentine’s Day is viewed by some as silly and commercial doesn’t mean that you can claim you don’t “do” it and feel that you are some how exempt because you display your love all year long in practical ways. Valentine’s Day does exist. Why don’t you try something different: don’t think of it as giving your spouse a Valentine’s Day Gift and being part of the commercialism – think of it as giving them a Valentine’s Day Blessing! It doesn’t have to cost money…but it needs to show you care!

For some, like myself, when I hear Valentine’s Day I think CHOCOLATE. If I am honest, I do have a chocolate addiction that I probably need to deal with…but now is not the time 🙂

So I have been thinking of how I can bless my husband without spending a cent. I decided to give him Ironed Shirts for a year (some restrictions apply!). While to some this sounds a bit funny, and to others it may sound appalling; for him it will be the Ultimate gift!

He wears a collared shirt every day including Saturdays. He wears a dress shirt on Sundays. All of these shirts he has ironed himself up until now (gasp!) every morning before he wears them. I know that some wonderful women iron their husbands shirts already but not me. I couldn’t even iron (sucessfully) until recently. And I didn’t really have a desire to learn. But in doing some thinking about how I could bless my husband – this idea came to me**.

Now since I have two and sometimes three little ones about – there will be some exceptions however I am going to try my hardest to get some shirts ironed each week for him.

Did I mention that I know it would be easier to go purchase some Butter Crunch from Laura Secord? But giving a gift isn’t all about easy. I know that this is something that he will truly appriciate and it will last a lot longer.

I was thinking that a gift this size should also count as his anniversary, Easter and all other occassion gift too 🙂 Haha!

So if you haven’t already – try thinking of ways to surprise and bless your spouse on this silly commercial holiday.
You’ll receive a blessing too – by being one!

If you need some ideas – google for some. Or you can head over to because she has a few links posted for free cards etc.
**It actually came to me for his birthday in January when I ironed all the shirts in his closet. Since he appriciated it so much and it made his mornings so much easier – I decided to continue it and have that be his Valentine’s Day Blessing.