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Tot School Week 3

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Our school starts shortly after breakfast with story time. Then we move over to the table and spend some time coloring and drawing; usually something we have learned about in a story that morning. I have a vintage Fisher Price Magnetic Chalkboard that I bought off eBay. I may or may not have paid a […]

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Tot School Week 2

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View Full Album Last week I shared our curriculum for the year. But honestly? For many {including us}, teaching tots is more about daily life experiences, hands on experiences and learning through play. This week we had the opportunity to catch no fish with Papa – but have fun trying! We went to the pumpkin […]

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Our 2010 Curriculum

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Today is our first day of school. Chloe is three and John is two. Though she technically wouldn’t start school until 2011 if she were attending public school Pre-K, we decided that we’d start this year anyway. After perusing the extensive curriculums available for homeschoolers, we decided to go with Before Five in a Row […]

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