Cheese Dreams with Bacon

Posted by Jennifer on February 7, 2011 – 5:47 pm


Cheese Dreams

So simple, yet so tasty! Is this even considered a recipe?!?

  • Old buns (but not too old, preferably no mold!)
  • Cheese Whiz
  • Optional: Fried Bacon (or pork loin, peameal pieces etc.)
  1. Spread Cheese Whiz on buns. If desired, ‘decorate them’ with meat.
  2. Put on a rack under the broiler for a minute or so. It will bubble and crisp all tasty!


It was a snowy day. I had told the children we’d have hotdogs for lunch only to discover we had buns but no wieners. I suggested we have cheese dreams. Chloe asked me, “did your mommy make you these when you were a little girl?” and the answer was yes and I loved them! We just called them ‘buns with cheese whiz and bacon’. After I got married, my husband made them one day, telling me he loved them as a child and that his mom called them Cheese Dreams; a much nicer (and shorter!) name I think.

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    1. 1. Rachel Said:

      Our whole family LOVES cheese dreams! but we always made it on toast, with cheese slices. YUM now I want one.

    2. 2. Jennifer Said:

      @ Rachel and what did your family call them?

    3. 3. Sherry Said:

      Oh my! I bet my kids would love this!

    4. 4. Lauralee Hensley Said:

      I think my mom called meat and cheese melted on halved hot dog buns, “Exploded Torpedo’s.” If she made a regular type sandwich using a hot dog bun, she called them “Mini Submarines.”
      Gotta love our moms for making lunches fun.

    5. 5. Jennifer Said:

      Oh, ‘exploded torpedo’s’ sounds cool too! Love it!

    6. 6. wendy Said:

      My mom made these when i was a kid and called them cheese dreams too!!! The only difference is she didnt use old buns. I dont think i could stomach them with old buns but they sure are good with non-expired ones.

      As an adult i renamed them salt boats and have called them that ever since. lol. Because im sure the sodium content is through the roof seeing and cheese whiz contains 470 mg of sodium in 2 tbsp… i just made them 10 mins ago so i checked the sodium content lol.

      but either way i LOVE them and they are so simple and SO tasty! i highly recommend them! mine are almost cooled down now so im going to go eat them.

    7. 7. Jennifer Said:

      Oh between the bacon and cheese whiz, I could probably agree that they aren’t the healthiest but they are fast and yummy :0 Enjoy yours!!

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