Tot School Week #4


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We like puzzle! We picked up this neat puzzle from Melissa and Doug a few weeks back. It’s double sided and has 26 (A-Z) homes with 26 creatures. You need to maneuver the creatures into their homes. Chloe was very frustrated when she first sat down with this. {I find that she often gets frustrated when trying new things that she doesn’t get right away.} We’re working on persistence. After a few attempts, she can do it on her own and to be fair, it is quite tricky and requires you to move certain things out of the way to “temporary” homes in order to get to the finished product. It’s a two step process and I think she’s doing really well!


For some reason Chloe calls them “pretend blocks” and she and John enjoy playing with them a lot. This week, she built castles based on color but the castle she was most proud of, she had built and sorted by shape. The cylinders on one, the rectangles on another. It is amazing how much they learn and figure out on their own when they are just allowed to play.

Daily Life

This week was a difficult one for me. I’ve found my energy levels so low though thankfully the morning sickness seems to have passed {or the Diclectin has started working}. I’m almost embarrassed to post my tot school post however consistency and accountability are something I appreciate from the 1+1+1=1 link up each week. We did get a few outings this week, but this week I am determined to get more stories in and enjoy more walks.


  1. Found you through the Preschool Corner. 🙂

    My kids love blocks too. And my oldest gets frustrated easily.

    Hope your energy levels are boosted soon. I totally understand – pregnant with number 4 so I took a 3 hour nap today!

  2. Selena has never been much of a builder of anything until just recently. I want to get her that same set of blocks for Christmas. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun this week.

  3. We love blocks in our house! They are the best, most simplest toy. With them you can build towers, castle, forts, houses…the options are endless. LOVE BLOCKS!!

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